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Connect with the Linux Community is the primary resource and online destination for Linux users, developers and data center professionals. Supporting is a unique way to build awareness for your brand, product or project since you are supporting the Linux Foundation and will gain community awareness through the Foundation’s direct media channels.

A media buy helps you reach the passionate, influential and elusive Linux user and developer community:

  • Average 2m pageviews per month
  • More than 1m unique visitors per month
  • More than 15,000 registered community members, of which more than 80% consider themselves systems administrators or IT operations professionals

Our audience is loyal and motivated, and makes and influences purchasing decisions in the following technology areas:

  • Server/desktop Hardware
  • Networking Equipment
  • Virtualization Software
  • Systems Management Software
  • Cloud Computing
  • Linux software and services
  • Personal Electronics
  • Mobile and Embedded Development Products

We can work with you on one of the following packages or talk in more detail about a custom package to meet your campaign objectives.

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PACKAGE 1: Takeover & Executive QA Feature

A full-site, one-month “takeover,” which includes:

  • Custom take-over header with your branding;
  • Front page prime real estate promotion for your brand and custom content;
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of 4-part series of Linux Foundation articles written on demand on the chosen topic;
  • Exclusive C-level QA featured in blog;
  • Sponsorship integration in Home, Section and Article pages; and
  • Medium Rectangle Ad and optional asset module for messaging or asset promotion on article page.

Reporting will include all impressions and clicks. Estimated monthly sponsorship impressions = 1.8 million+.

Top Header Takeover Takeover Subpage



PACKAGE 2: Series Sponsorship hosts a variety of article series, such as Weekend Project, features on Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Systems Management, among others. The Linux Foundation staff can work with you to customize a series of articles to run for a pre-determined amount of time or you can choose an existing series to sponsor.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Option to choose topic or sponsor existing series
  • Medium Rectangle Ad and optional asset module (for your white papers) for messaging or asset promotion on article page
  • Social media mentions of you being a sponsor of this content

Series Takeover



Your Message is Amplified with The Linux Foundation’s Third-Party, Twitter & Facebook Channels

The Linux Foundation has a strong and credible presence and influence on social media channels. Linux users and developers follow the Foundation and its news closely.

The Linux Foundation’s social networks include over 500,000 people with over 25 million average monthly impressions. Facebook has more than 250,000 fans with tens of thousands of people interacting with content each week. Twitter boasts 132,000 with average monthly impressions reaching well over 20 million and much higher during weeks with big news cycles and/or campaign promotions. On Google+, more than 23,000 individuals include Linux Foundation messages in their circles and streams. The Linux Foundation’s LinkedIn company and group pages reach nearly 20,000 Linux professionals. And the Linux Foundation YouTube channel has more than 250,000 subscribers to its technical tutorials, event keynote recordings and Linux brand assets.

Your media buy is amplified and customized with promotion of content through all of these channels, and you gain awareness for directly supporting Linux and The Linux Foundation.

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Other Sponsorship Opportunities

You can also purchase traditional CPM-based advertising on via the following ad units. Please contact us for pricing and minimums.

Ad Unit Sizes



Event Tie Ins

By working with The Linux Foundation, you can take your message beyond the standard advertising packages. The Linux Foundation hosts a variety of annual events including LinuxCon (North America, Japan and Brazil), the Collaboration Summit and the Kernel Linux Summit, among others. Opportunities can range from traditional event sponsorship to contests and giveaways.

Linux Foundation Event Tie Ins


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