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syslog-ng and rust: First steps towards simple and efficient parsers

This post explaines the steps to use the experimental Rust language bindings for syslog-ng. If you want to create high quality, efficient parsers easily, writing them in Rust is worth considering. There is even some sample code to help you get started on github. Read more at


Schedule Tasks with Cron

I tell people who are curious about Linux that you really don’t need to open a terminal to run a Desktop. The terminal is a scary thing for noobs. They get the willies when you start talking about it. While it is true that modern desktops provide pretty much all the point-and-click functionality you could ever need, between you and me, I know that the real power of Linux lives on the command line. You can do amazing things with just a few keystrokes if you have a bit of knowledge under your belt. One of those amazing things is that you can automate just about anything using Cron.

Cron is already working on your machine even if you’ve never heard of it. It works totally in the background, stealthily running commands provided to it by different programs that are installed on your computer. It mainly handles rather mundane maintenance tasks but any user can tap into its functionality and make Cron do their bidding. (Read the rest at Freedom Penguin)


Left 4 Dead dedicated server install guide for CentOS

Gaming servers are widely searched for by the internet-savvy online gamers. L4D or the Left 4 Dead is a popular game played online. With multi and single player mode, and newer version L4D 2 in the market, available with all its online cheat codes, many a gamer find this game...

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How to set up Apt caching server on Ubuntu or Debian

If you often create guest VMs or containers on your Linux computer, you will go through package installation many times across different VMs/containers. In that case, your time may be better spent on something more productive than just waiting to finish installing packages. While server provisioning tools like Puppet, Chef...

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Thoughts on Monitoring file changes with Linux over the network

Monitoring a directory for changes with Linux is possible through the well-known mechanism inotify. With inotify it's possible to set a watch on a directory, configure it to watch events on the contents, and you'll receive messages on a file descriptor when something happens. This works perfectly when the directory...

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How to Install Redmine 3 with Nginx on Ubuntu 15.10

Redmine is an open source project management and issue tracking tool based on the Ruby on Rails Framework. This tutorial covers the Redmine 3 installation with Nginx as the web server and MySQL as the database on Ubuntu 15.10 (64 Bit) operating system.

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Python API for "boot from image creates new volume" RDO Liberty

Post bellow addresses several questions been posted at
In particular, code bellow doesn't require volume UUID to be  hard coded 
to start server attached to boot able cinder's LVM, created via glance image.

Complete text may be viewed here


How to reset the root password on Linux and FreeBSD

Listed below are the step by step procedures to reset the root password in different versions of CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD. Begin this procedure by booting your server into single user mode.

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How to create unprivileged LXC container on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS

Unprivileged containers run the same way as privileged ones, simply without using sudo or root access. This is more secure as you can't be root on the host even if you managed to escape container. This tutorial explains how to install, create and manage unprivileged LXC containers on Ubuntu Linux version 14.04 LTS server.



Installing Laravel on Ubuntu for Apache

Laravel is a very popular open source PHP framework aimed at easy development of applications. If you are looking for a new PHP framework to try, you should give Laravel a try. The following guide will allow you to run Laravel on a Ubuntu 15.10 based Apache server.

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How to monitor OpenFlow messages with packet sniffer

OpenFlow was initially introduced in the academia as a way to enable innovation on production networks which had traditionally been built with close and proprietary networking hardware. OpenFlow offloads the high-level routing/forwarding decisions (control plane) from networking devices such as switches, and moves the control plane on to a separate...

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