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Self-Induced Insomnia

As I sit here contemplating many things about my life, I can't help but realize a common occurrence as of late. It's 3 AM again and I'm still awake. I seem to be finding excuses to stay up until the whee hours of morning. This makes me wonder if "self induced insomnia" is a real thing.


Either way, and perhaps unfortunately for me, I discovered how to blog on this site and so I'm using it as yet another excuse to not sleep. Hopefully expressing myself will be a more worthwhile endeavor than lying and bed and contemplating how much I messed up my own life. Though, what should I blog about?


Though personal blogging is popular, it's also the least original and I have this peculiar feeling that people are sick of reading everyone else's problems. I would blog about computers, but the whole reason I joined this site was to learn more about Linux and computers in general. Perhaps I could blog about video games? That does seem to be something I know a bit about, but how many people here will care?


I suppose the ability to check out games (literally bring them home and play them) is the only worthwhile perk of my job, so maybe I believe I may start posting my rants on certain games. Who knows. Maybe along the way I'll stop making excuses to stay up late and do something worth while.


Probably not, but I can dream. Or perhaps the correct term, thanks to my inability to sleep, should be day dreaming?



Hallo Lieber Leser,

du bist also auf einen weiteren Blog eines Linux-Nerds gestoßen und möchtest wissen wer ich bin? Eigentlich niemand besonderes. Ausser du siehst das vielleicht etwas anders: ich bin Schüler aus Rheinland-Pfalz, beshäftige mich in meiner Freizeit sehr viel mit Linux und möchte hier einfach einen Blog starten, der das Leiden eines jungen Linuxnutzers beschreibt. Ich bin fest von der benutzbarkeit von Linux überzeugt - und damit meine ich für jeden benutzbar - aber es tauchen doch immer noch ein paar Fehler auf, für die es Lösungen braucht: und die stelle ich hier vor ;-)

 Ich habe zwei Linuxsysteme: einen Desktop (Dell Dimension 3100)  und ein Netbook (Lenovo s10e)

Mein Desktop ist so konfiguriert: 2GB RAM und eine 160GB Festplatte, darauf ein 64bit Ubuntu Linux in der aktuellen Version (Jaunty Jackalope)

Auf meinem Netbook läuft mit 1,5GB RAM und einer 160GB Festplatte eine 32bit  Jaunty Installation.

Diese beiden Systeme perfekt miteinander zusammen spielen zu lassen ist nicht schwer, aber sie genau das tun zu lassen was ich will, dass ist die Kunst darin Linux zu benutzen. Dabei meine ich nicht einfache Aussehensanpassungen, nein, ich rede von einer konfigurierbarkeit, wie sie ein Windowsnutzer niemals erleben könnte. Das erfordert etwas Erfahrung - und diese versuche ich hier zu teilen.


The first post

I always waste the first post like this.

New here

I am just giving this a test.

Hello World

This is my first blog. I may write often, or I may not write much at all. I may write about cool things, or I may write about boring stuff instead. I make no guarantees, but I think my next post will be pretty cool ;-). 

It took forever but the revamp of is pretty sweet. I think this website will be a great resource and community for Linux users everywhere. Maybe this will redistribute the 64,321 (a nice random number) Linux blogs out there?


fred woor's first blog.

Today , I begin write my blog.

I'm from china, a voip developer.

Using motavisita linux , and MTF for voice programming . 




My name is jiakon.I am a graduate student of Xiamen University.My major is mathematics and I use ubuntu.In addition,I pay much attention on education and organization.


First post!

First post!

 Which isn't that spectacular considering only I can post here. Joined the new yesterday and I'm certainly looking forward to see how this effort evolves.

Not much of a blogger really, but will occasionally try to share my experiences using linux while pretending to actually know what I'm talking about, as well as sharing some personal thoughts while pretending that somebody else actually knows what I'm talking about.




Abandoning your blog for Twitter?

It seems to be a trend that's gathering steam. Even though its something that I would never do, I do see it happening around the web. I have gone to check on friends blogs to see what they have been blogging about and find that there aren't any new entries. After a little more investigation I find that they have joined Twitter and have been posting like crazy.

Part of me is cool with it and just goes ahead and follows them so that I can keep informed. The other part of me is sad that I can no longer visit their small part of the world to enjoy more than just 140 characters. I have decided to integrate twitter into my blog with the very wonderful Twittertools plugin. I would encourage any bloggers out there who are finding themselves spending more and more time on twitter, not to abandon their real home because a good blog is eternal and if the past is any indication of the future then who know where Twitter will be two years from now.

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