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Terrible !

Terrible ce réseau social sur !




Introduction, KDE, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu

Hey there'ers! Just want to say a quick hello and introduce myself and let you know what you can expect from this blog here when I remember to blog here.

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Hi,First blog in

Hi,This is my first blog on

my twitter is

I'm from China 


Now on!

Well, it seems that the Linux Foundation made good on their promise, and have polished up good ol' into something much more amazing than it previously was. I may or may not make this my primary blog. No ideas. Nothing. Anyways, I'm writing this from my lappy, as my desktop is rendering a video in KDEnlive about GNU/HURD. Oh, the irony. =P

I am here.

I am happy to see this new website online.  I hope I can learn  and share something about Linux at here. 

I don't know wether here can support Asia characters.

I type some here. ΓˆΓΉΓ»Γ‚βˆβˆΓˆΒ΄Γ²Γ‚Γ–Β₯Γ‹Γ‰Ξ©Γ‚Β§ΓΌΓΓΊΓ£Γ‚Γ βˆžΓ‹ΓΈΓ΄β€°βˆβ„’ΓΞ©Γ«ΓΒ΄Γ΄β€žΓ„Γ‡


Waiting till motivation (or angels) return.


My name is Moma Antero and I live in Oslo/Grønland, Norway.

In this spring I created an amazing screenshot taking application. It can also manipulate screenshots, photos and other images. And you can easily add your own image manipulation commands to it.

Read more about Gscreendump v0.2 here:

For next version, I plan to add some simple drawing capabilities, text and callouts. GTK's GooCanvas seems to be the right way to implement these features.

But at the moment I have no motivation to do coding at all. I will need to wait till these cloudy spring days turn to warm summer.

I just returned from a 2 weeks trip to Lisboa/Portugal. I also visited some other places north for Lisboa; such as Leiria, Fàtima and Areia Branca.

Areia Branca is located at the cost of Atlantic sea. It has a really nice beach with great (i mean really great) waves for surfing. Those waves were too big for my surfing skills, but I will recommend you to visit the place if you like surfing.  The Youth Hostel (in portuguese lang: Pousada de Juventude) is located at the beach. Areia Branca is otherwise a small local village. ATM it was quiet because the summer season and tourists had not fully started/returned yet.

I also visited Fátima town which is a very religious place because, in 1917, a Holy Angel with a message appeared to three small peasant, shepherd girls.

Obviously back then, this was the standard method to deliver divine and often guite cryptical messages to the people.

My pray is simple. Give me some motivation to continue coding.

.end of first posting.

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Future is Upon Us

Hi all

Blessed linux users

The future is upon us.

Remember Rosetta ?

Remember Linear-b ?

Remember C+ ?

You will.


Good luck to all.

Jan Bergmans


Welcome to my blog

Helllo everebody from far far Russia where wild bears walks onthe street.

I`m glad this site opened and based on Joomla.

And.. I found a bug - I cant write to blog in Opera (almost favourite browser in Russia actually) 


Let's see, whats going on....

This is obviousely my first article.


–°–¡–β‰₯–æ–Β₯–Ω—è β€”Γ„β€“βˆžβ€“βˆ‘β€“Β±β€“βˆβ€”Γ„β€“βˆžβ€“Βͺβ€”Γ…β€”Γ¨ β€”Γ… CAP'–æ–º, –±–Βͺβ€“βˆβ€“Ξ©, –æ—Ç —ç—Ç–æ–π β€”Γ‘β€“βˆβ€“β‰₯β€“Ξ©β€“βˆ β€”Γ‡β€“βˆžβ€“βˆ« β€“ΒΊβ€“Γ¦β€“βˆ‘β€“β‰₯ β€”Γ„β€“βˆžβ€“βˆ«β€“Γ¦β€“ΒΊ β€“β‰€β€”Γ…β€”Γ‡β€“βˆžβ€”Γ«β€”Γ‡, –ø—Ä–æ—Å—Ç–æ β€”Γ‰β€“βˆ‚β€“βˆžβ€”Γ….

Les asociaux ont leur réseau ! est le nouveau réseau social des geeks xD
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