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Converting my Acer Laptop from Windows XP to a Linux OS

I need help converting my Laptop into a Linux OS. I want to only use Linux now, I do NOT wish to use Microsoft anymore, so if someone can show me exacly how to convert my laptop, it would be a great help to me. I do not understand any site instructions I look up to do this, and everything is being very difficult to do, and no files I downloaded work that say use this to install linux. I go to sites, and follow the steps, and it leads me into NOTHING, a ERROR message or something that I can't do nothing about, which I don't understand, because I am the owner of my laptop, and no one else has access to it, unless someone from where I'm getting my internet from is abusing their power, knowing they won't get caught, do to rules, and regulations that are put forth in reality. Anyway, whoever can help me change from this stupid Microsoft to the GENIUS Linux, I'll buy you dinner...



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