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Smart Managed Swith or Unmanaged ?

What's the difference between cisco managed switch or unmanaged if I should plan in an unmanaged switch or a managed switch (planing to buy Cisco most likely).I don's see a point of buying a smart managed or even managed switch. Any suggestion ?



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  • Chris g. Said:

    many differences. (1) unmanaged - relies upon physical security; ie. if I can reach a switch with my netbook|laptop, i can connect to nework on unmanaged network; managed network would reject my unknown mac address (yes DHCP can provide addresses to known MAC only - but even without MAC addresses. on unmanaged I can listen in to traffic - and if crappy (level 2) switches - turn them into hubs so I hear all traffic. (2) unmanaged if gigabit - speed is max gigabit; if managed you can "tie" ports together , so between switches or specific connections can 'tie" two ports together making connection 2000mb/s (two gigabit or more speed) (ie. run two cables between to switches to get double speed; run three lines for triple speed tying ports together - also if one line goes down; you still have connection at reduced speed - ie. redundancy) and more - look up doco for switches, yes managed provides far more; but at $cost. (spoofing unmanaged switches is not difficult; managed switches are hard to spoof; esp. better L3)

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