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Hey, Who Let All Of These People In?

Welcome to Day One of the new This is a day that culminates a lot of marathon work by our team of web developers and content staffers to bring to life a really exciting, community-focused

I have to admit, it's really exciting to watch people come in and use the site. We've been working so intensely on its construction, it's become a virtual home for the web team these past months. So to see new content show up exactly as we'd hoped would happen is very gratifying.

As we also expected, there've been some bugs showing up along the way today, and I am grateful to the admin team for getting  some of them cleared already. Remember, please send bugs and glitches to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it e-mail address.

For ideas on what you would like to see added (or removed) from, please continue to use the IdeaForge site. That will allow your fellow community members to vote on the ideas and enable us to keep track of the myriad of brainstorms that have been coming in today.

 Again, so glad you're all here! Please pardon the dust while we implement the immediate fixes, and welcome again to the first day of  the new



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