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–ü–µ—Ä–≤—ã–π –ø—Å—Ç–æ

–ó–∞–±–∞–≤–Ω—ã–π –¥–∏–∑–∞–π–Ω)) —â–∞—Å –∫—Å—Ç–∞—Ç–∏ –¥—É–º–∞—é —Å—Ç–∞–≤–∏—Ç—å –ª–∏ –Ω–æ–≤—ã–π —É–±—É–Ω—Ç—É –Ω–∞ —Å–≤–æ—é –º–∞—à–∏–Ω—É? —Å–µ–π—á–∞—Å —É –º–µ–Ω—è —É—Å—Ç–∞–Ω–æ–≤–ª–µ–Ω crunchbang.. –Ω–æ –æ–Ω –º–Ω–µ —É–∂–µ–Ω –Ω–∞–¥–æ–µ–ª)) —Ö–æ—á—É —É–±—É–Ω—Ç—É.. –∏ –Ω–æ–≤—ã–π –º–æ–Ω–∏—Ç–æ—Ä.. –∏ –Ω–æ–≤—ã–π –∫–æ–º–ø))) –¥—É–º–∞—é –∑–∞–∫–∞–∂—É –∫–∞–∫-–Ω–∏–±—É–¥—å —Å–µ—Ä–≤–µ—Ä–Ω—É—é —á–∞—Å—Ç—å –∫–æ–≥–¥–∞ –Ω–µ –≤–ª–æ–º –±—É–¥–µ—Ç —Ä—ç–≥–Ω—É—Ç—å—Å—è –Ω–∞ —Å–∞–π—Ç–µ –∑–∞–∫–∞–∑–∞.


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