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Track the progress of your remote staff with Hubstaff - Installation on Linux is easy

What is HubStaff and How it Works Hubstaff provides software application for remote team management. It provides software tool for all popular operating systems, so in this way the remote staff’s activity and time is tracked properly. It takes occasional screenshots of the activity of your employees so that you can have better idea of their productivity. Read more at LinuxPitstop


DigiKam 4.11.0 Released With Bug Fixes, Install/Update In Ubuntu 15.04/Linux Mint "Refaela" Or Other

digikam 4.11.0 release with 90 bug fixes

digiKam is an Open-Source project Photos management software, specially for KDE but you can use it on Ubuntu or others distros too. In digiKam photos are organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by folder layout or by custom collections. Developers recently released digiKam 4.11.0 with huge list of 90 bug fixes.

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How To: Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.0.7 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint Systems

The Linux Kernel 4.0.7 is now available for the users, announced Linus Torvalds. This Linux Kernel version comes with plenty of fixes and improvements. This article will guide you to install or upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.0.7 in your Ubuntu or Linux Mint system.

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How To: Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.1.1 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint Systems

The Linux Kernel 4.1.1 is now available for the users, announced Linus Torvalds. This Linux Kernel version comes with plenty of fixes and improvements. This article will guide you to install or upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.1.1 in your Ubuntu or Linux Mint system.

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Aria2 Vs Wget – Choose your Download Manager

Any Linux operating system is incomplete without a download manager. From many years, Linux based distros are using wget as default download manager. Its pretty little application which works fine from command line, if you need to install anything, download any stuff, you need to run shell scripts etc, everything uses wget on some level to complete tasks. Over the past many years, it has been identified that wget is lacking some advance features and its alternative, Aria2, has received the attention of many users due to fulfilling the thirst of advance linux users.  We will be reviewing the installation process of Aria2  and the difference between Wget and Aria 2 in this article, so you may decide which download manager best suits your needs. Read more at Linuxpitstop


Backup with these DeDuplicating Encryption Tools

Making file backups is an essential activity for all users, yet many users do not take adequate steps to protect their data. Whether a computer is being used in a corporate environment, or for private use, the machine's hard disk may fail without any warning signs. Alternatively, some data loss occurs as a result of human error. Without regular backups being made, data will inevitably be lost even if the services of a specialist recovery organisation are used. This article provides a quick roundup of 6 deduplicating encryption backup tools. Full article

Cinnamon 2.6 Released With New Features & Changes, Install In Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid/14.10 Utopic/14.04

Cinnamon 2.6 Released With New Features & Changes, Install In Ubuntu 15.04

Cinnamon 2.6 has been officially released with many interesting changes and improvements. Cinnamon 2.6 will be used in Linux Mint 17.2 "Rafaela" that is planned to be released in end of June. In this article I'm going to review this release and tell you how you can install it on Ubuntu or derivatives. I hope you will like to use it. One more thing, when you use it please give your feedback. 

Read More At LinuxAndUbuntu


15 Interesting Linux Command
1. Command: sl (Steam Locomotive)

You might be aware of command β€˜lsβ€˜ the list command and use it frequently to view the contents of a folder but because of miss-typing sometimes you would result in β€˜slβ€˜, how about getting a little fun in terminal and not β€œcommand not foundβ€œ.

Install sl

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install sl   (In Debian like OS)
root@tecmint:~# yum -y install sl   (In Red Hat like OS)
root@tecmint:~# sl
sl funny command
sl command
This command works even when you type β€˜LSβ€˜ and not β€˜lsβ€˜.

2. Command: telnet

NoNo!! it is not as much complex as it seems. You would be familiar with telnet. Telnet is a text-oriented bidirectional network protocol over network. Here is nothing to be installed. What you should have is a Linux box and a working Internet.
root@tecmint:~# telnet
telnet command
telnet command

3. Command: fortune

what about getting your random fortune, sometimes funny in terminal.

Install fortune

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install fortune  (for aptitude based system)
root@tecmint:~# yum install fortune   (for yum based system)
root@tecmint:~# fortune
You're not my type.  For that matter, you're not even my species!!!
Future looks spotty.  You will spill soup in late evening.
You worry too much about your job.  Stop it.  You are not paid enough to worry.
Your love life will be... interesting.

4. Command: rev (Reverse)

It reverse every string given to it, is not it funny.
root@tecmint:~# rev
xuniL eb ot nrob
born to be Linux

5. Command: factor

Time for some Mathematics, this command output all the possible factors of a given number.
root@tecmint:~# factor
5: 5 
12: 2 2 3 
1001: 7 11 13 
5442134: 2 2721067

6. Command: script

OK fine this is not a command and a script but it is nice.
root@tecmint:~# for i in {1..12}; do for j in $(seq 1 $i); do echo -ne $i×$j=$((i*j))\\t;done; echo;done 
2Γƒβ€”1=2 2Γƒβ€”2=4 
3Γƒβ€”1=3 3Γƒβ€”2=6 3Γƒβ€”3=9 
4Γƒβ€”1=4 4Γƒβ€”2=8 4Γƒβ€”3=12 4Γƒβ€”4=16 
5Γƒβ€”1=5 5Γƒβ€”2=10 5Γƒβ€”3=15 5Γƒβ€”4=20 5Γƒβ€”5=25 
6Γƒβ€”1=6 6Γƒβ€”2=12 6Γƒβ€”3=18 6Γƒβ€”4=24 6Γƒβ€”5=30 6Γƒβ€”6=36 
7Γƒβ€”1=7 7Γƒβ€”2=14 7Γƒβ€”3=21 7Γƒβ€”4=28 7Γƒβ€”5=35 7Γƒβ€”6=42 7Γƒβ€”7=49 
8Γƒβ€”1=8 8Γƒβ€”2=16 8Γƒβ€”3=24 8Γƒβ€”4=32 8Γƒβ€”5=40 8Γƒβ€”6=48 8Γƒβ€”7=56 8Γƒβ€”8=64 
9Γƒβ€”1=9 9Γƒβ€”2=18 9Γƒβ€”3=27 9Γƒβ€”4=36 9Γƒβ€”5=45 9Γƒβ€”6=54 9Γƒβ€”7=63 9Γƒβ€”8=72 9Γƒβ€”9=81 
10Γƒβ€”1=10 10Γƒβ€”2=20 10Γƒβ€”3=30 10Γƒβ€”4=40 10Γƒβ€”5=50 10Γƒβ€”6=60 10Γƒβ€”7=70 10Γƒβ€”8=80 10Γƒβ€”9=90 10Γƒβ€”10=100 
11Γƒβ€”1=11 11Γƒβ€”2=22 11Γƒβ€”3=33 11Γƒβ€”4=44 11Γƒβ€”5=55 11Γƒβ€”6=66 11Γƒβ€”7=77 11Γƒβ€”8=88 11Γƒβ€”9=99 11Γƒβ€”10=110 11Γƒβ€”11=121 
12Γƒβ€”1=12 12Γƒβ€”2=24 12Γƒβ€”3=36 12Γƒβ€”4=48 12Γƒβ€”5=60 12Γƒβ€”6=72 12Γƒβ€”7=84 12Γƒβ€”8=96 12Γƒβ€”9=108 12Γƒβ€”10=120 12Γƒβ€”11=132 12Γƒβ€”12=144

7. Command: Cowsay

An ASCII cow in terminal that will say what ever you want.

Install Cowsay

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install cowsay   (for Debian based OS)
root@tecmint:~# yum install cowsay  (for Red Hat based OS)
root@tecmint:~# cowsay I Love nix 
< I Love nix >
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||
How about pipelineing β€˜fortune commandβ€˜, described above with cowsay?
root@tecmint:~# fortune | cowsay 
/ Q: How many Oregonians does it take to  \
| screw in a light bulb? A: Three. One to |
| screw in the light bulb and two to fend |
| off all those                           |
|                                         |
| Californians trying to share the        |
\ experience.                             /
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||
Note: β€˜|β€˜ is called pipeline instruction and it is used where the output of one command needs to be the input of another command. In the above example the output of β€˜fortuneβ€˜ command acts as an input of β€˜cowsayβ€˜ command. This pipeline instruction is frequently used in scripting and programming.
xcowsay is a graphical program which response similar to cowsay but in a graphical manner, hence it is X of cowsay.
apt-get insatll xcowsay
yum install xcowsay
root@tecmint:~# xcowsay I Love nix
install xcowsay
xcowsay command
cowthink is another command just run β€œcowthink Linux is sooo funny” and see the difference in output of cowsay and cowthink.
apt-get insatll cowthink
yum install cowthink
root@tecmint:~# cowthink ....Linux is sooo funny
( ....Linux is sooo funny )
        o   ^__^
         o  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||

8. Command: yes

It is funny but useful as well, specially in scripts and for System Administrators where an automated predefined response can be passed to terminal or generated.
root@tecmint:~# yes I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
I Love Linux
Note: (Till you interrupt i.e ctrl+c).

9. Command: toilet

what? Are u kidding, huhh no! Definitely not, but for sure this command name itself is too funny, and I don’t know from where this command gets it’s name.

Install toilet

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install toilet 
root@tecmint:~# yum install toilet
root@tecmint:~# toilet tecmint 
mmmmmmm                        "             m                               
   #     mmm    mmm   mmmmm  mmm    m mm   mm#mm          mmm    mmm   mmmmm 
   #    #"  #  #"  "  # # #    #    #"  #    #           #"  "  #" "#  # # # 
   #    #""""  #      # # #    #    #   #    #           #      #   #  # # # 
   #    "#mm"  "#mm"  # # #  mm#mm  #   #    "mm    #    "#mm"  "#m#"  # # #
It even offers some kind of color and fonts style.
root@tecmint:~# toilet -f mono12 -F metal
install toilet command
toilet command
NoteFiglet is another command that more or less provide such kind of effect in terminal.

10. Command: cmatrix

You might have seen Hollywood movie β€˜matrixβ€˜ and would be fascinated with power, Neo was provided with, to see anything and everything in matrix or you might think of an animation that looks alike Hackerβ€˜s desktop.

Install cmatrix

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install cmatrix
root@tecmint:~# yum install cmatrix
root@tecmint:~# cmatrix
cmatrix command
cmatrix command

11. Command: oneko

OK so you believe that mouse pointer of Linux is the same silly black/white pointer where no animation lies then I fear you could be wrong. β€œonekoβ€œΒ is a package that will attach a β€œJerryβ€œΒ with you mouse pointer and moves along with you pointer.

Install cmatrix

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install oneko
root@tecmint:~# yum install oneko
root@tecmint:~# oneko
install oneko
oneko command
Note: Once you close the terminal from which oneko was run, jerry will disappear, nor will start at start-up. You can add the application to start up and continue enjoying.

12. Fork Bomb

This is a very nasty piece of code. Run this at your own risk. This actually is a fork bomb which exponentially multiplies itself till all the system resource is utilized and the system hangs. (To check the power of above code you should try it once, but all at your own risk, close and save all other programs and file before running fork bomb).
root@tecmint:~# :(){ :|:& }:

13. Command: while

The below β€œwhile” command is a script which provides you with colored date and file till you interrupt (ctrl + c). Just copy and paste the below code in terminal.
root@tecmint:~# while true; do echo "$(date '+%D %T' | toilet -f term -F border --gay)"; sleep 1; done
Linux while command
Linux while command
Note: The above script when modified with following command, will gives similar output but with a little difference, check it in your terminal.
root@tecmint:~# while true; do clear; echo "$(date '+%D %T' | toilet -f term -F border --gay)"; sleep 1; done

14. Command: espeak

Just Turn the Knob of your multimedia speaker to full before pasting this command in your terminal and let us know how you felt listening the god’s voice.

Install espeak

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install espeak
root@tecmint:~# yum install espeak
root@tecmint:~# espeak "Tecmint is a very good website dedicated to Foss Community"

15. Command: aafire

How about fire in your terminal. Just type β€œaafire” in the terminal, without quotes and see the magic. Press any key to interrupt the program.

Install aafire

root@tecmint:~# apt-get install libaa-bin
root@tecmint:~# aafire
install aafire
aafire command

Install Open Source, Cloud Computing Web Desktop EyeOS on Ubuntu Linux 15.04

EyeOS is just like an online operating system, it is based on cloud computing concept and offers an online desktop based system for collaboration and communication among users. It lets you access a desktop environment from within your browser. It is a feature rich application, you can access your web desktop from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or your office computer, you can collaborate with other members of your team and can create groups for better communication. Read more at Linuxpitstop


How To: Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.0.6 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint Systems

The Linux Kernel 4.0.6 is now available for the users, announced Linus Torvalds. This Linux Kernel version comes with plenty of fixes and improvements. This article will guide you to install or upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.0.6 in your Ubuntu or Linux Mint system.

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MythTV A Complete Home Media Center And Digital Video Recorder, Install In Ubuntu 15.04/14.10, Linu

MythTV A Complete Home Media Center And Digital Video Recorder for linux

MythTV is a free, Open-Source and a complete Home Media Center Hub also available for LinuxMythTV is capable to record videos. It is an alternative to Windows Media Center or Tivo. Personally I like MythTV very much. This tutorial will walk you through a quick look at the interesting features of MythTV and also How to install MythTV Latest version 0.27.5 on Ubuntu 15.05/14.10/14.04 or Linux Mint Rafaela/Rebecca or Other Ubuntu Derivatives.

Read At LinuxAndUbuntu

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