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Petition for Linux support by Netflix

Dear Linux user,

 Ken Starks started a petition to ask Netflix to support Linux. Especially, to support the 'Watch Now' function Netflix offers. If enough people sign this petition, I am sure that Netflix will do so, unless they have a really good excuse to turn their back on all Linux users.

Sure, Netflix uses DRM to protect their content, and a lot of Linux users consider DRM evil. However, opening Netflix for Linux is only a first step; showing them that there are Linux users willing to use Netflix but at this moment not able to be doing so.

 If you agree that Netflix supports Linux, please sign this petition. It may serve as an example to other companies as well.

 On behalf of everyone who'd like to use Netflix with Linux, let me say 'thanks'. And with Ken's famous words I sign.

 All righty then...


Pitivi 0.13.1

Huge updates to Pitivi are headed this way for July.  0.13.1 is the frame work that should be identical to the finished build with exceptions to the plug-ins.

Pitivi is powered by the Gstreamer and can work smoothly with any format Gstreamer can handle.  Since 2008 Collabora Multimedia has sponcered the ongoing development.

Newest release video can be found on YouTube.

 If you want help, support, or just learn more about the project you can find all this and more at


Comparing UNIX innovation

This article compares and contrasts some of the innovations of the latest releases of AIX 6.1, Solaris 10, and HP-UX. Learn the differences on how to work with certain tasks, such as networking and performance tuning. Also, see at a high level some of the virtualization differences among these big three. You decide what you prefer best.


NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


          Maybe I should be calling this NEWB's misadventures in LFS??? :) as you may recall, I crushed 150 gigs of media files a few days ago. Late last night somehow I did something that screwed the pooch on my first partition of my second physical hard drive. I was installing and got some i/o errors about a zip driive but the grub installer said no errors finiished or something or other. Don't recall the exact words. To make matters worse, when I tried to umount the drives I did the shorter path first and when I got to the longer path it wouldn't umount . So like a dummy I did a reboot by ctrl ,alt,del and guess what ?? file system unrecognized. Did fsck.ext2 and still no luck , tried to figure out tune2fs and couldn't understand the man page on that one ..... couldn't get the syntax right. I googled it and many people had the same issues yet I couldn't see anything they were trying that worked so ... just call me "Duke Nuke'm"

        Reinstall yet again, what is this the 3 or 4th time? so that makes 11 tries?now??? sado machism???? LOL



Today i tried the qgis application for a client of us. Great application with tons of features. Does the job good en cheap.

8 Great Linux Apps Worth Bragging About, part 1

The Linux/FOSS world contains a wealth of great applications for everything under the sun. There are many things to like about Linux applications: no spyware, no DRM, great quality and performance. In part 1 of this two-part series I share some of my personal favorites: Audacity, Zoneminder, Kompozer, and the very excellent Kile, which I am using to write my next book.

8 Great Linux Apps Worth Bragging About, part 1


Making My own Desktop Manager: The Composite Extension

One feature I want for my window manager is similar to the "Quick-Dial" start-page in Google Chrome, whereby recently open web-sites appear in a 3x3 grid and clicking on a screenshot re-launches that particular site.

I thought having Iconified apps in a grid on the root window similar to Chrome would be kinda cool, so I would need to render all windows to an off-screen buffer. This meant I could get an image representation of a window (and it's sub-windows) to put in my grid.
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Create and get your jQuery plug-in listed

jQuery lets you create your own plug-ins to extend the functions of jQuery—and to give back to the jQuery community. This article steps you through the process for creating your own jQuery plug-in and as well as getting it listed on the jQuery plug-in community Web pages. Be a part of the JQuery JavaScript library many have grown to depend on

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


    I'm back again..... I've been fully involved with the Holiday weekend and between reading the users' guide and learning about my computer hardware I haven't gotten much sleep. I've been told to learn by doing so I've been trying alot of things trying to know, what I'm doing, I 've frustrated myself trying to get different commands to do what I wanted them to do. Like put a simple line in a file instead of opening vi for one line, could have done it on vi in a few seconds but wouldn't learn anything.  So I guess you could say that I'm learning:" Instead of saying  just the commandline equivilent to "daddy" . I can now say "daddy I'm hungry"LOL... maybe someday soon I'll be able to say a whole paragraph.  I stayed up late trying to get the partitions ready for install on my Dell and I guess I stayed up too late, It was 2:00am and I inadvertently did mke2fs -j /dev/hdb3 /mnt/LFS and kill my whole ntfs partition filled with lots of hard work :((. I had an issue with the "order" of the partitions in fdisk. I deleted all the partitions on my drive but the ntfs partition. It was hdb2(on the hard drive it was the last blocks of the drive from like 15-30.... well when I added my first primary partition, It became hdb1, added swap that got put to hdb3 and root on hdb4 when I tried to mount hdb1 to make dir boot I was told device was busy. Ok, so I did like windows and rebooted and restarted fdisk thinking this would fix my problem. NO such luck... I found my solution   the x gave me expert mode LOL. yeah right.. anyway there was a command for correcting the order. I did and rebooted and it worked. All happy that I finally got it fixed when I went to make the linux file system I used the old drive partition numbers and wham!!! hdb2 was no longer 2 it was now 4 and I just formatted my ntfs partition .. just as I hit the enter key , I knew what I had just done!!! lost 150 gigs of important data :(( Learned a very valueable lesson "ALWAYS CHECK COMMAND LINE SYNTAX" !!! think about what you are trying to do and what the command line is saying to do, they can be two entirely diffent things. This was one of my main problems with LFS in the first place. That and the fact that I keep getting lost in the directory tree forgetting where I am at.

 After my experience with the  MSI board , I'm now on a Dell board made by Foxconn , it's an old Pentium4 system 845G chipset, with both and intel 8025 ethernet and the 3com 3x905 card. I've got all the info about this board. I learned about  "lsmod"and "lspci" to list the installed modules and hardware, One thing I've yet to figure out is if on the left side of the list I have 105 modules listed and maybe only 20  on the right side are all the ones listed really needed, or is it just the ones on the right?



Boot an ISO via Grub2

With grub2 you can directly boot an (iso9660) ISO using its loopback option. This is great because it provides another nice rescue scenario - for example when using grml (the Debian based Linux Live-CD for sysadmins). You no longer need to extract kernel and initrd from the ISO to be able to boot it using the isofrom bootoption. All you need to do is put a plain grml ISO to your harddisk.

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The threshold has been penetrated.

Whereas NetApps still keeps a firm grip on the dillutional 1% Linux penetration on desktops, Microsoft seems paralysed in terms of efforts to slow down the OpenSource progress.

Yesterday I had a look at some old Microsoft salespitches starring Mr. Ballmer and even though the modern version of Mr. Ballmer seems less irratic, the pitch more or less contains the same dinosauric message.

Embarrasing for Microsoft, but their main challenges are way more serious. There is no innovation, and their successforumlas have become their worst enemy.  Where customers previously have been locked in, they are now being locked out. 

The Microsoft customers who sticks to their beloved platform are missing out on innovation, streamlining, business opportunities and important cost-reductions that are imperative in hard times.

Meanwhile, Linux and OpenSource expands deeply into virtually every box with silicon in it. It does so in a cost efficient manor and hardware manufactors profits by more competitive pricing or better margins.

No matter whether the talk is about MobileTV, smartphones, netbooks, desktop, local servers or the cloud,  the driving force is Gnu/Linux and OpenSource. Not Microsoft, not Apple.

Ladies and Gentlemen, OpenSource has pentetrated the market floor. And that's just the beginning.

 Just have a look at recent events:

  • More Android phones
  • Ubuntu are considering Android
  • Dell are testing Android on Netbooks
  • Moblin is happening
  • Palm Pre due 06 June
  • Symbian is opening up 
  • Multipoint X is due - soon
  • Qt Mobility was launched today
  • KDE 4.3 is a train just starting
  • Gnome 3.0 is in the works
  • The sky becomes filled with OpenSource/Linux clouds
  • Businessanalysis tools are out there
  • Healthcare takes a dip into OpenSource 

Goverments are abandoning Microsoft, and where they have exclusive deals, OpenSource vendors are increasingly forcing open and free competition into the equation. One should by no means underestimate Microsoft, but they have a hard battle ahead.

Microsoft seems determined to cause problems for their users with their approach to ODF support. There is a significant change though.

As time goes by it becomes less of a OpenSource problem. On the contrary, it is a problem that Microsoft are inflicting on their very own userbase. It's not our problem, it's Microsoft's.






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