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Fluxbox keys

Fluxbox Keys
Fluxbox gives you an easy way to assign keyboard commands using the file ~/.fluxbox/keys in your ~/.fluxbox folder.
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Fluxbox shutdown through sudoers

Using the 'sudoers' file in /etc for password free shutdown and restart in fluxbox.

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Change Fluxbox wallpaper from menu


Adding the code below to your ~/.fluxbox menu, will open a sub-menu that will have the names of all pictures that you have in ~/pictures/wallpapers.
Click on whatever picture you choose, and that picture becomes your desktop background.
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Fluxbox menu tweaks for internet, 2in1, and toggles


I find it convenient to open the sidux site, with all of the sub-forums in the 'English Forum' section waiting for me to browse.
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Fluxbox Style editing


How to install and edit a Fluxbox style.

I like making styles and themes for my own use, and have posted my favorite fluxbox style here to help you learn the basics of using and editing your own styles.

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Using/Editing GTK themes in Fluxbox


Using and changing the appearance of gtk themes in fluxbox.
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Animated Wallpaper in fluxbox (video in root window)


Toggle Videos, Toggle Extras, Toggle Conky

1.Toggle Videos

Toggle Videos removes all but the bottom Conky and places a video, or series of videos on your root window using mplayer.
Mplayer does everything under the sun concerning video.

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Sticky xfce4-terminal in Fluxbox


Sticky xfce4-terminal How-to

This will place and resize an xfce4-terminal in the Fluxbox root window, with a menu entry, or upon start up of Fluxbox.
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Using 'Feh' in Fluxbox


Using feh, because it is there.

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