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Hello Friends,

I am Kunal and this is my first blog post at

My Wordpress blog:

 My Twitter Profile:


Will be posting more soon.



Congratulations and thanks.... all those who worked on    It was a lot of work, but what's there looks great!



We are off to a great start


Wow.  We are getting a new user on every minute since we launched. My e-mail box is overflowing with great ideas about how to improve the site.   Of course the best way to make the site great is to have great people here and from the looks of things we are off to a solid start.   

For all of you LUGS and folks who created groups, make sure you use the "invite friends" function in the friends menu in your profile.   You can easily import your contacts using a variety of tools and help us make the Linux community even stronger.   

 My favorite quote of the day comes from Dirk Hohndel; " - Facebook for geeks."   Said with true geek pride.  

 I look forward to hearing all about Linux news, events, and ideas from all over the world.   Thanks to everyone for helping the new get off to a great start. 



Would any body be interested in a road trip to Linuxcon?

Linuxcon is just around the corner on September 21-23 in Portland.  

 If we can get enough people together in the Bay Area I was thinking of chartering a bus to take us from San Francisco to Portland and we could all split the cost.

 What say you all?  Linux road trip anyone?   


openSUSE Community Week for Japan

I will organize an IRC session in #opensuse-ja @Freenode today, 12:00 - 15:00 UTC (21:00 - 24:00 JST) as a part of openSUSE Community Week.

See the detail (in Japanese).


Just Joined

Just joined the site and feeling my way around. Hoping to contribute as much as possible. Is Killing Me

OK, so it's 1:51 AM EDT. I've been on and off this site for the past nine hours. I got absolutely nothing else done in my real life today. My cats have been hopping up on the desk a looking at me funny. They're wondering what the hell's the matter with me. Why haven't I gotten up from this desk in nine plus hours (other than for the bathroom breaks and coffee refills ;) ).

It's OK, though. I had a great time here today. I felt my way around the corridors and made a few posts in the forums. I uploaded some wallpapers to the Community --> Photos area. I joined a Group. I met some old friends; made some new ones. All in all... a good day. I haven't had this much fun at a site in a long while.

Here's looking forward to the coming days, months, years!

Until next time...

~V. T. Eric Layton

***Tempus Fugits***


You've got 'intellisense' in my emacs!

You've got emacs in my 'intellisense'!

 Being a programmer type I drift towards the path of least resistence.  Non-programmer types are usually surprised to find out that doesn't mean never tackling complex things.  Quite the opposite, optimizing my workflow is a minor hobby of mine all its own.  It basically boils down to a simple equation: TimeToMasterTool(p) < TimeSavedInLongRun(q) = MasterTool(r)

 Emacs is definetly one of those tools.  The Go-game of editors, you can learn enough to start using it in an hour or two but it would take a lifetime to master it completely.





i need some space for testing,

while () { print; }


no linebreaks, no spaces :-(

does  anybody know how to format code here?

 try this:

while () {





Optimize Web server with 1 IP Public for many web server IP local By Tukang Nggame

If we have one Ip Public, but our web server more then one. How to configuration with apache webserver ? Tukang Nggame have tips. Follow example network topology :

wbsvr-1,wbsvr-2,etc -----main-server(public)--------client-browser

wbsvr-1 is a local webserver 1, example
wbsvr-2 is a local webserver 2, example
main-server(public) is main web server, exh

In Main Server use Apache web server and Isntall mod proxy-html. This command at console :

#apt-get install libapache2-mod-proxy-html

Enable that module (make link module) with command at console :
 #ln -s /etc/apache2/mods-available/proxy_http.load /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/proxy_html.load
 #ln -s /etc/apache2/mods-available/proxy_http.conf /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/proxy_html.conf

Edit configuration /etc/apache2/apache2.conf (main server)

Order Deny,Allow
Allow from All
< /Location >

Order Deny,Allow
Allow from All
< /Location >

Restart apache server in main server with command at console.
 #/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

 Then browse from client-browser with url with url

Don't forget last url with slash (/).

Bingo !


Deleting NewFolder .exe virus

Windows has been evolving over time but what remains is their dedicated support to viruses. Out of the many famous viruses, the NewFolder.exe virus has been there for a very long time and pathetically no antivirus company is able to detect and remove this virus.

 NewFolder.exe is a notorious virus that creeps into your pendrive every time you plug into some public system. This virus can be very tedious to manually delete that too if you have a lot of nested directories. One quick solution to this problem is to plug in the pendrive on a Linux machine and run the following code.

Before I give you the code, I'll explain you how it works. Newfolder.exe virus generally creates an executable with the same name as your parent folder followed by a space and the extension .exe ie. If you have a folder named foo, then the virus creates an executable with the name foo .exe. People do not name normal executables with any space before their file extension. The following command will look for all executables that are having a space followed by .exe and delete them.

NOTE: If you have any valid executable having a space preceding the file extension, this command will delete it too. So make sure that executables of such format are not present in your pendrive.

To delete the virus:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Navigate to the location where your pendrive is mounted.
  3. Type the following command and press enter

sudo find -iwholename *\ .exe -delete

PS: sudo is required if you have any files with no rw permissions. Most of the files will not require sudo.

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