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This War of Mine Now on Steam

This War of Mine is a different kind of war game, where you take command of a group of civilians struggling to survive in a besieged city. The uniqueness of the game comes from the fact that rather controlling military soldiers, you will embark on protecting and keeping alive civilians in a time of war.

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Urban Terror 4.2.021 Updates the HUD, Many Bug Fixes and Enhancements

The latest update for Urban Terror brings an updated HUD (Heads Up Display), open-sourced menu files and a big number of bug fixes.


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Ctalk Adds FreeType 2 Font Support, Richer Language Semantics

The latest release of Ctalk supports TrueType and Type1 fonts on Linux and UNIX systems by adding the X11FreeTypeFont class and library support for libXft.  The language also supports method overloading based on the number of parameters, and adds internal improvements that greatly simplify the handling of objects in Collection classes like List and AssociativeArray class.  In addition, Ctalk now contains C-like support for Object references, and the semantics of nearly all C operators operators are customizable in the class library, which allows programs and classes to extend the operators and define application-specific language semantics.

The latest Ctalk source code release is downloadable at

If you would like to receive announcements of Ctalk releases by e-mail, you can subscribe to the ctalk-announce mailing list.  For information, look at the list information page at


Okular Overview - The KDE Universal Document Viewer

Okular is the KDE document viewer with support for a wide range of formats, different view modes and various viewing and selection tools. Okular can be used to open basically any type of document, from PDFs to mobile formats, text or CHM files.


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Wine 1.7.31 Released with 51 Bug Fixes, New Gecko Version, DirectWrite and Direct2D Improvements

The latest Wine development release, 1.7.31, ships with numerous bug fixes, support for a new version of the Gecko web engine based on Firefox 34, support for the Visual Studio 2013 C/C++ runtimes, support for more font metrics in DirectWrite, Direct2D improvements. An impressive 51 bug fixes also found way into this release.


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Mount & Blade: Warband 75% Off During This Steam Weekend Deal

Mount & Blade is a 3D role-playing game taking place in medieval times, in which you will carry battles, lead armies, expand and conquer, and eventually claim the throne of Calradia. The game is available on Steam with a 75% discount throughout this weekend.


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Space Hulk and MASSIVE CHALICE Now Available On Steam

Space Hulk Ascension Edition is a 3D turn-based strategy game for single-player based on the classic board game released in 1989. The game shipped on Steam yesterday, and provides great improvements over the classic version on which it is based.


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Open Source Graduate Cash Prize Award 2015 Open for Innovative Students

In 2008, Univention decided to create an annual prize to encourage students from a wide range of backgrounds to investigate a variety of aspects of open source software. Since then, submissions have been received from students of information technology, the humanities and social sciences.

“We are delighted to open up entries to the Univention Graduate Prize competition and we celebrate young programmers from around the world whose talent advances the development of open source software,”said Peter Ganten, CEO of Univention.

The winner of the Univention Graduate Prize receives $ 2,500 in prize money, second place receives $ 1,250 and third place wins $ 750. The prize winners are selected by an independent jury comprised of renowned open source experts.

Masters, and Bachelor graduates can submit university dissertations via e-mail to absolventenpreis(at) until March 22, 2015.

Visit Univention Graduate Prize 2015 for further information and submit your dissertation!


Yarock 1.0 Music Player Released with Rebranded Interface, New Icon Theme and Bug Fixes

Yarock is a Qt-based music player with a compact and simple interface, with support for music collections using SQLite, album covers, smart playlists, Internet radio, integration.


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The Rich Landscape of Linux Education Software

If you were to ask a die-hard Windows-based PC user, then you’d probably hear that Linux is a thing of the past, irrelevant, and nothing to dig into. In reality, though, the open source network is alive and well and provides a number of opportunities, programs, and advantages when it comes to education software.

There are a number of schools that are beginning to switch over from their current systems and formats in favor of Linux and one of the key reasons has to do with cost. Due to the open source nature of the Linux operating system and the software that is developed to support it, it is, for the most part free.

Of course, there are certain applications that will cost money, or a donation, but that all depends on the particular nature of the application or software program. The free nature of the open source Linux operating system, though, should be appealing to any number of schools and school districts across the country. With Windows or Max licensing fees that can erode just about any budget, just the core nature of Linux as an operating system would be a welcome change.


Why is Linux a Good Idea for Educational Programs?

One of the key reasons why Linux based educational programs would be a powerful concept for schools is the open source format of the programs themselves. One thing that separates Linux from other operating systems and programming platforms is that users can download, modify, and then redistribute the programs themselves. This would make them easily modifiable for each school so that the programs suit their particular needs and curriculum without having to worry about copyright infringement, licensing, or other issues commonly associated with the more ‘popular’ platforms.

Also, open source software programs are generally programmed by people who use it. This means that where many school systems have to sift through certain programs to try and find what may work well for them, with Linux educational software programs, this isn’t the same process.

Schools would be able to seek out and choose from a wide range of programs that were likely coded by another school system or teacher with a specific goal in mind. Then the school can download the program, try it, and determine if it is something that would work for their particular needs and if not, it can be uninstalled with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

The same cannot be stated when it comes to Mac or Windows based programs. These would have to be purchased and often school districts would be guided to ‘buy in bulk,’ meaning that they would be encouraged to ‘save money’ by purchasing orders that would fill all of the available computers within their district. With Linux, teachers, administrators, and even students can take the program for a test run, in a manner of speaking, before determining whether it might be something that could suit their educational needs.


What about the Programs that Are Available?

With regard to the various educational programs that are available for Linux, there are a number of different websites that are devoted entirely to promoting educational software for Linux based systems. The KDE Education Project,, and Kid’s Software for Linux are just a few of the websites that are devoted to promoting education software resources for children of all ages.

There are math tutoring programs and games that teach children the fundamentals, and even the more advanced concepts of math. You can find flashcard style programs that make it easier to learn and retain lessons, and programs that teach about history, typing, English, and a host of other skills and lessons that are commonly used in most school systems.


The Private and Business Sector Problem for Linux

One of the major hurdles that Linux has had for many years within the public eye has been that, at least in many business applications, there has been little traction for the operating system or the software programs, at least in a commercially viable sense. Windows, IBM, and Mac have invested considerable amounts of time, money, and other resources to make themselves more appealing to the average business computer user and while there are many private Linux users, keeping up with the changing technology has meant these users would have to wait for other developers to create complementary programs.


The same is not true for education software. There have been a wide array of individuals as well as school professionals, including teachers, who have been using Linux and the programs that they have developed are rich in resources and provide a wealth of opportunities for students of many age ranges.

The best aspect about Linux educational software programs is that they don’t require licensing and they can be modified. In this modern age of education, that can be an indispensable asset.


Smart Watches Market - Latest Technology Research Report and Industry Analysis upto 2020

The global smart watches market is expected to show a remarkable growth rate by coming years. One of the major factors contributing the growth of the global smart watches market is the entrance of big vendors in the market. The market has also witnessing an increase in R&D spending. The global leading players such as Sony, Samsung, Pebble, and Maritime have increased their R&D investments for smart watches. For that, they are entering into partnerships with value-added resellers and suppliers and investing in R&D activities. These increasing R&D investments are helping players to introduce new products with better integration ability and accuracy. This will help with the reduction in smart watch prices and lead to an increase in their adoption among consumers.

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Although the various driving factors, the global smart watches market is retraining due to the lack of proper technology standards. In addition, this is a new and emerging technology and thus technology standards are not clearly defined. The wearable computing device has failed because of the bulkiness, ugly look, battery issues and weak functionality. However, after the launch of number of new smart watches, consumer perceptions have changed. Nowadays, smart watches have become an important accessory to smartphones and an independent communication device. In future, smart watches will have a screen which potentially run software and allows to serve a robust extension to smartphone operating systems and apps.

The global smart watches market is segmented into two major categories, on the basis of application into general consumers, sports and healthcare and others. The market is also segmented on the basis of product characteristics into companion devices and standalone smart watches.

The market is driven by factors such as the rapidly growing consumer electronics goods industry and its distinctive features. The rapid technological advancements and changing consumer preferences will also act as drivers for the global smart watches market. Other factors fuelling the growth of the global smart watch market are the growing adoption of wireless technologies and softwares. Also the continuous adoption of mobile processor technologies is driving the demand for this market.



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