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Fluxbox menu tweaks for internet, 2in1, and toggles


I find it convenient to open the sidux site, with all of the sub-forums in the 'English Forum' section waiting for me to browse.
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Fluxbox Style editing


How to install and edit a Fluxbox style.

I like making styles and themes for my own use, and have posted my favorite fluxbox style here to help you learn the basics of using and editing your own styles.

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Using/Editing GTK themes in Fluxbox


Using and changing the appearance of gtk themes in fluxbox.
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Animated Wallpaper in fluxbox (video in root window)


Toggle Videos, Toggle Extras, Toggle Conky

1.Toggle Videos

Toggle Videos removes all but the bottom Conky and places a video, or series of videos on your root window using mplayer.
Mplayer does everything under the sun concerning video.

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Sticky xfce4-terminal in Fluxbox


Sticky xfce4-terminal How-to

This will place and resize an xfce4-terminal in the Fluxbox root window, with a menu entry, or upon start up of Fluxbox.
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Using 'Feh' in Fluxbox


Using feh, because it is there.

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Canto in Fluxbox


How to Canto

Canto is a python RSS reader that sits in a terminal. Screenshot:

It is highly configurable, and fairly easy to use.
I have mine sitting in a pre built xfce-terminal window for ease of use. You can of course, just use a regular terminal and invoke "canto", but it just won't be nearly as fun.
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Event sounds in Fluxbox


Sound events in fluxbox

How to add event sounds to any fluxbox menu item.
This includes the login and logout sounds, as well as sounds for exit to login and restart fluxbox, and any other item you wish to have open with a sound event.
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Fluxbox Transparency with xcompmgr



How to have decent transparency and fading in fluxbox using xcompmgr.

It used to be an issue to have composite effects with fluxbox. Not anymore.

Screenshot: **Here**
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Hello World!

Hello World!

Ubuntu 9.04 InstallFest: Recap

Today I attended the Ubuntu 9.04 InstallFest in Atlanta, and as always, the event was a shining example of the Linux community in action.  Free from debates, namecalling, and other disputes that have become the stereotypical Linux discussion, people were helping each other, discussing new ideas, and installing the latest version of Ubuntu, 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. 

Roughly 25-30 people showed up throughout the day, and there were many new faces.  I'm looking forward to the next InstallFest coming in November, and thanks to all who came out today!

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