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Now on!

Well, it seems that the Linux Foundation made good on their promise, and have polished up good ol' into something much more amazing than it previously was. I may or may not make this my primary blog. No ideas. Nothing. Anyways, I'm writing this from my lappy, as my desktop is rendering a video in KDEnlive about GNU/HURD. Oh, the irony. =P

Just Joined

Just joined the site and feeling my way around. Hoping to contribute as much as possible. Is Killing Me

OK, so it's 1:51 AM EDT. I've been on and off this site for the past nine hours. I got absolutely nothing else done in my real life today. My cats have been hopping up on the desk a looking at me funny. They're wondering what the hell's the matter with me. Why haven't I gotten up from this desk in nine plus hours (other than for the bathroom breaks and coffee refills ;) ).

It's OK, though. I had a great time here today. I felt my way around the corridors and made a few posts in the forums. I uploaded some wallpapers to the Community --> Photos area. I joined a Group. I met some old friends; made some new ones. All in all... a good day. I haven't had this much fun at a site in a long while.

Here's looking forward to the coming days, months, years!

Until next time...

~V. T. Eric Layton

***Tempus Fugits***


I am here.

I am happy to see this new website online.  I hope I can learn  and share something about Linux at here. 

I don't know wether here can support Asia characters.

I type some here. 非常高兴能够看到这个网站。


You've got 'intellisense' in my emacs!

You've got emacs in my 'intellisense'!

 Being a programmer type I drift towards the path of least resistence.  Non-programmer types are usually surprised to find out that doesn't mean never tackling complex things.  Quite the opposite, optimizing my workflow is a minor hobby of mine all its own.  It basically boils down to a simple equation: TimeToMasterTool(p) < TimeSavedInLongRun(q) = MasterTool(r)

 Emacs is definetly one of those tools.  The Go-game of editors, you can learn enough to start using it in an hour or two but it would take a lifetime to master it completely.




Nützliche Firefox-Addons

Hier mal eine Auswahl der von mir genutzten Firefox-Addons:

Adblock Plus - Der ultimative Werbeblocker

Colorful Tabs - Um Tabs in verschiedenen Farben darzustellen...gut für die Übersicht

Copy Links - Um in einem markierten Bereich alle Links gleichzeitig zu markieren und kopieren...gut für Rapidshare-Links und dazugehörige Downloadprogramme wie Cryptload oder JDownloader

SpeedDial - Simuliert die nette Kachel-Funktion aus Opera fast perfekt

Fasterfox - Geschwindigkeits- und Netzwerkoptimierung...weiss nicht, obs wirklich was bringt...ich bilde es mir ein

FaviconizeTab - Addon, um Tabs auf die Größe des Favicons zu reduzieren...praktisch bei sehr vielen geöffneten Tabs

Forecastfox - Wetter in der Status- oder Symbolleiste

FoxyTunes - Addon, um Audio-Player, wie Foobar2000, Songbird, Winmap, Windows Media Player und viele andere über die Firefox-Statusleiste zu steuern

Google Images Re-Linker - Addon, um in der Google Bildersuche Bilder beim Anklicken direkt angezeigt zu bekommen ohne den nervigen Zwischenschritt

Google Images Re-Linker deutsch -

Googlepedia - Zeigt neben Googleergennissen die Wikipedia Suchergebnisse direkt daneben an...ziemlich praktisch

Google Preview - Zeigt direkt neben Google Sucheergebnissen ein Vorschaubild an

IE Tab - Wahlweise die Browser-Engine des IEs nutzen...beispielsweise für das Windows Update ganz gut

Imageshack right-click - Addon, um Bilder, die man im Netz findet, per Rechtsklick direkt zu Imageshack hochzuladen...sehr praktisch für die Singlecore-Bandbearbeitung

ImageShack right-click deutsch -

Nightly Tester Tools - Addon, um alte Addons, die noch nicht kompatibel sind, kompatibel zu machen

NoScript - Kann diverse Skripte wie Java blocken

OpenAddons - Bringt einen Button in der Symbolleiste, um direkt ins Addon-Menü zu gelangen

Paste and Go 3 - Es lassen sich damit Links, die man in die Adressleiste einfügt, direkt per Klick öffnen, ohne den Link erst einzufügen und dann mit Enter aufzurufen...vom Opera-Browser geklaut

PDF Dowload - Erlaubt es, zu wählen, ob eine PDF-Datei heruntergeladen oder direkt angeschaut wird

QuickRestart - Bringt einen Button in die Menüleiste, um den Firefox direkt darüber neu zu starten, ohne ihn manuell zu beenden und neu zu starten

SecureLogin - Ähnlich dem Wand-Plugin in Opera

Stylish - Anpassen des Aussehens von Websites sowie der Programmoberfläche mit Hilfe eigener CSS-Stile, die im Web heruntergeladen werden können

Update Channel Selector - Man kann beim updaten auswählen, ob man Beta-Versionen, Release Candidates oder finale Versionen herunterladen will

Deploying a Linux based vm from VMware template

Deploying a Linux based virtual machine from a VMware template can be a bit difficult when you don't know the ins and outs, the tiny tweaks. 

In this blog post I'll explain how you can get past the problems that might occur.

Read more... Comment (0)

Waiting till motivation (or angels) return.


My name is Moma Antero and I live in Oslo/Grønland, Norway.

In this spring I created an amazing screenshot taking application. It can also manipulate screenshots, photos and other images. And you can easily add your own image manipulation commands to it.

Read more about Gscreendump v0.2 here:

For next version, I plan to add some simple drawing capabilities, text and callouts. GTK's GooCanvas seems to be the right way to implement these features.

But at the moment I have no motivation to do coding at all. I will need to wait till these cloudy spring days turn to warm summer.

I just returned from a 2 weeks trip to Lisboa/Portugal. I also visited some other places north for Lisboa; such as Leiria, Fàtima and Areia Branca.

Areia Branca is located at the cost of Atlantic sea. It has a really nice beach with great (i mean really great) waves for surfing. Those waves were too big for my surfing skills, but I will recommend you to visit the place if you like surfing.  The Youth Hostel (in portuguese lang: Pousada de Juventude) is located at the beach. Areia Branca is otherwise a small local village. ATM it was quiet because the summer season and tourists had not fully started/returned yet.

I also visited Fátima town which is a very religious place because, in 1917, a Holy Angel with a message appeared to three small peasant, shepherd girls.

Obviously back then, this was the standard method to deliver divine and often guite cryptical messages to the people.

My pray is simple. Give me some motivation to continue coding.

.end of first posting.

 See also:



Future is Upon Us

Hi all

Blessed linux users

The future is upon us.

Remember Rosetta ?

Remember Linear-b ?

Remember C+ ?

You will.


Good luck to all.

Jan Bergmans


SSH Tunnel between two machines

Here's another nice and short post about SSH and tunnels

Here's something I did in the past for working through DMZ machines, let me explain this scenario:
Immagine you've an UNIX machine inside a DMZ and you'd like to get some data from another host located inside the dmz green area, you've two options for it:

  1. Make a pinhole in the firewall (bad bad bad)
  2. Create a tunnel from the green area to the host inside the DMZ so the dmz machine can use that tunnel to remote forwarding ports from green machine

Obviously we'll discuss option number two :-)

Let's place an example for a quick and dirty explaination

Protected machine inside the dmz green area (protected) : lets' call it "green"
Machine inside dmz yellow area, used for web services from outside/inside: let's call it "yellow"
Service port to tunnel: 3306 from green to 6033 to yellow.
Yes, I'd like to transport MySQL (everything else works as well) from green to yellow so applications on yellow can normally open the database located on green.
Green also decides when and how to handle and keep the connection in order to preserve its data.

So, what's next ?
Let me assume you can ssh from green to yellow without passwords, you've already exported ssh rsa public/private keys from a machine to another (or maybe it could be a good argument for the next post :-) ), so all you have to do is open a tunnel in this way:



Issue this command on green machine and you'll have 6033 port opened on yellow, try to use mysql command line utility to open a database on green and see what happens.

Hope it helps someone, I've used it in the past to transport data from a db to another but you can even use for something else: JSON on HTTPD (80) and so on


**** UPDATE ****
See SSH Tunnel between two machines (part two) for an automatic script and use it easily
**** ****



Andrea (Ben) Benini


SSH Tunnel between two machines (part two)

Here's a script for using SSH Tunnel between two machines discussed before, this script automates tunnel creation and if you add it in your cron you can even check for existence and restore it when broken, let's see the script first:

# Description : SSH Tunnel between two machines for forwarding remote MySQL port
# Author: Andrea Benini (Ben)
# See configuration for details on ports

# Configuration

# No changes needed below this line
COMMAND_SEARCH=`ps x -o args|grep "^$COMMAND_LINE"`

if [ "$COMMAND_SEARCH" == "" ]; then
echo "Restarting Tunnel to $REMOTE_HOST"

The script restarts the tunnel by itself when broken, not active, shutdown or else
You can insert it into cron to check for it every 5 minutes or to enable it at the end of the day (you say "two db sync at 20pm" ? yes it is !)

Edit your cron by inserting:

# every 10 minutes
# check tunnel availability
*/10 * * * * $HOME/cmd/ 1>/dev/null 2>&1

and here it is !

Hope it help someone

Andrea Ben Benini

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