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Simple start: I like the new direction of the website! overhauled

It's been quite a while since I've logged into, or payed much attention to,  Long enough that I don't recall whether I sought other sources out of convenience, because was inferior, or some other reason.

 I have to admit, the new design looks good, and the emphasis on user content is a good idea.  Wikipedia,,, and numerous others have shown that if you build a good platform to empower users to create good content, they will.  Having a prominent name (or domain name) that can attract a critical mass of users can also assist in this.

 Hopefully things work out well.  I'm going to keep an eye on things here, and even try offering some useful content. 


–î–æ–±—Ä—ã–π –¥–µ–Ω—å –≤—Å–µ–º

–≠—Ç–æ —Ç–µ—Å—Ç–æ–≤–æ–µ —Å–æ–æ–±—â–µ–Ω–∏–µ –≤ –º–æ–π –±–ª–æ–≥, —Ö–æ—á—É –∂–µ –ø—Ä–æ–≤–µ—Ä–∏—Ç—å.



Just a very simple start: I like quite much the new website; it's deliciously "social-web" flavoured, with groups and applications (twitter, photos, etc..).

Just signed in several groups. Very nice indeed ... ;)


Random thoughts

I was surprised to get a beta invite to, my being a new user and all. I was impressed with the site right off the bat and happy it was set up as a community site, very cool.

First day live and membership is just skyrockting! Heres to a great new site. Site Layout

It simply looks great, this renewed site looks like a real content system, a lot of emphasys is related to community, I think it's important because Linux IS a community, this new behaviour looks fine.

Graphically speaking I've seen there's a lot of movement, information, social network content, AJAX and DHTML a gogo. That's outstanding !

 From the application side I'll expect to see some improvements on notifications, I mean if I follow a group and I'd like to see replies to my posts or news it's glad to see them (linkedin or facebook rules !)

 Hope it helps if someone (from the web team) reads it


My best wishes



Just upgraded to KDE 4.2

Today I just upgraded to KDE 4.2 from KDE 4.1 on my openSUSE 11.1 (64bit) machine and it seems everything is working fine. The eye candy effects based on compiz are really nice and fast! :) (although they were already working fine with KDE 4.1)

 I just imported four repositories (you'll find them at the end of this article) via YaST and selected Packages > all packages >  Update if newer version is available. There were about 140 packages to update and I just had to adjust some dependecies. Finally all new packages had an amount of approximately 700MB.

The main KDE applications I always use haven't crashed jet and there are no graphic errors.

All in all I'm really happy with the new stable KDE and I await eagerly KDE 4.3 with its new innovative features.

List of openSUSE 11.1 repositories needed for KDE 4.2:

  • core packages:
  • more packages:
  • more (experimentally) packages:
  • Qt 4.5 packages (required!):

–º–æ–π –±–ª–æ–≥


NOOB's adventures in Linux From Scratch.


   My name is Robert Cox , I'm a Linux newbie. I've got some windows experience. I've built a few computers, I've installed a few Linux distributions and many windows versions.

 My main goal is to learn how linux works.

 This is to be the documentation of my efforts to build Linux from Scratch.

  As I am a newbie, without a technical background.  I feel that my point of view will be from a new " angle"  the dummy "angle" LOL. Therefore I feel that my input would be very useful to any  newbie attempting this endevor. 

 First and foremost , I will write this blog as I read the information given and document all my problems and errors that I face and how they were resolved.

 Let me just say that I believe my biggest test will be in learning to understand the bash shell and the language it uses and reading and interpreting the errors that are displayed during configuring, compiling and installing the different programs in LFS.

Next blog - Prerequisites, Since I'm a newbie I'm not even ready to start yet I have to drop back and get myself ready to go. is finally here!!!

...came back home today after taking two final exams this morning (philosophy & sociology) and jumped on Facebook right away. First thing I saw was the announcement on Linux Foundation page that finally launched! Rushed to the site, registered ... and I am here! Uploaded some pictures, joined couple of groups, invited friends - did all the usual social-network stuff and, most importantly, started this blog. I realized that I can finally talk about my crazy gentoo experiences somewhere ... where people might actually be interested!

Next entry: who I am? why blog? why gentoo? ...


Slackware Package Format Changed

From the Slackware-Current Changelog:

Fri May 8 18:49:03 CDT 2009
Hello folks! This batch of updates includes the newly released KDE 4.2.3,
but more noticeably it marks the first departure from the use of gzip for
compressing Slackware packages. Instead, we will be using xz, based on
the LZMA compression algorithm. xz offers better compression than even
bzip2, but still offers good extraction performance (about 3 times better
than bzip2 and not much slower than gzip in our testing). Since support
for bzip2 has long been requested, support for bzip2 and the original lzma
format has also been added (why not?), but this is purely in the interest
of completeness -- we think most people will probably want to use either
the original .tgz or the new .txz compression wrappers. The actual
Slackware package format (which consists of the layout within the package
envelope) has not changed, but this is the first support within Slackware's
package tools for using alternate compression algorithms.

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