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End of life / end of support for HP servers


    Can anyone help me how to find the End of life / end of support for HP servers.


Thanks in advance



11 Linux Games Up to 86% Discount During This Steam Weeklong Deal

This Monday Steam has kicked off a new Weeklong Deal which will last until November 24, during which 11 titles for Linux are available at special promotional prices.


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10 Great Plasma Widgets for KDE with Screenshots

Since the introduction of Plasma widgets in KDE4, the whole desktop took a new direction, starting to become a more interactive way to communicate with the user, to say nothing about the fact that a desktop with widgets will look more beautiful than a plain, icon-only desktop.


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Rassam-paint 1.1 Is a Simple Painting Program [How to Install in Ubuntu and Mint]

Rassam-paint is a free painting application using GTK with support for formats that include PNG, JPG, BMP, CUR, ICO, TIFF, PGM, PBM and basic image editing tools such as shapes or text.


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UbuTricks 14.11.17 Released with Support for 6 New Apps, 20 Updated Apps

This new version adds support for six new applications and 20 apps with updated versions. The new applications are Exaile, Yarock, GNOME Commander (Trusty), SimpleAudioPlayer, Kid3 and Fotoxx (DEB).


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Bash: 10 Examples of Parameter Expansion

Parameter expansion is a powerful feature of Bash which will allow you to work on strings with great ease and just a little typing. Here are 10 simple examples on how to use just a bit of the power of parameter expansion to quickly modify and work on strings.


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Mint 17.1 with Cinnamon 2.4 Looks Beautiful [Overview, Screenshots, What's New]

The next Linux Mint Cinnamon edition is knocking on the door and a Release Candidate was put out yesterday. This release will bear the version number 17.1, and it is codenamed “Rebecca”. In this overview I will look at the release candidate for Mint 17.1, focusing on the main new features in Cinnamon, which ships the latest bleeding edge version in Rebecca, and will accompany it with screenshots for the desktop and the new changes that went into it.


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This War of Mine Now on Steam

This War of Mine is a different kind of war game, where you take command of a group of civilians struggling to survive in a besieged city. The uniqueness of the game comes from the fact that rather controlling military soldiers, you will embark on protecting and keeping alive civilians in a time of war.

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Urban Terror 4.2.021 Updates the HUD, Many Bug Fixes and Enhancements

The latest update for Urban Terror brings an updated HUD (Heads Up Display), open-sourced menu files and a big number of bug fixes.


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Ctalk Adds FreeType 2 Font Support, Richer Language Semantics

The latest release of Ctalk supports TrueType and Type1 fonts on Linux and UNIX systems by adding the X11FreeTypeFont class and library support for libXft.  The language also supports method overloading based on the number of parameters, and adds internal improvements that greatly simplify the handling of objects in Collection classes like List and AssociativeArray class.  In addition, Ctalk now contains C-like support for Object references, and the semantics of nearly all C operators operators are customizable in the class library, which allows programs and classes to extend the operators and define application-specific language semantics.

The latest Ctalk source code release is downloadable at

If you would like to receive announcements of Ctalk releases by e-mail, you can subscribe to the ctalk-announce mailing list.  For information, look at the list information page at


Okular Overview - The KDE Universal Document Viewer

Okular is the KDE document viewer with support for a wide range of formats, different view modes and various viewing and selection tools. Okular can be used to open basically any type of document, from PDFs to mobile formats, text or CHM files.


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