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Shadow Daemon 1.0 Released: A Web Application Firewall for PHP, Perl and Python

Shadow Daemon

The first major version of the free and open-source security system Shadow Daemon is now available for download.

Shadow Daemon is a collection of tools to detect, protocol and prevent attacks on web applications. Technically speaking, Shadow Daemon is a web application firewall that intercepts requests and filters out malicious parameters. It is a modular system that separates web application, analysis and interface to increase security, flexibility and expandability.

The system combines white- and blacklisting to accurately detect malicious requests and it supports applications that are written in PHP, Perl and Python at the moment. It can be managed by a clear and structured web interface.



FileZilla 3.10.1 Released With Bug Fixes And Some Minor Changes Install In Ubuntu/Linux Mint


FileZilla is free and Open-Source ftp/sftp client with features FTPSFTP and FTPS (FTP over ssl/TLS). It has a very nice and easy to use user interface.FileZilla 3.10.1 released yesterday with bug fixes and minor changes.

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Airdroid - Transfer Files Between Android Phones/Tablets And Linux (Any Distribution)

airdroid transfer file between android phone/tablet and linux mint ubuntu
We often need to transfer large amount data in the form of mp3 Songs, Video Songs, Movies and most importantly, large Games between android phones/tablets and Linux machine. Transferring via USB cable takes time, so let's do it with 'Airdroid' easily and quickly.
Airdroid is an android application that can transfer large files between any computer and Android device over wifi. Yes, wifi! Its faster than USB Cable. Let's do it!

Requirements -

To transfer files between your Linux machine and Android, all you need is a browser on your Linux machine and Airdroid application installed on your android phone and tablet. 

  • Now open any browser on computer and goto Scroll down and click on Airdroid Web. 
airdroid web transfer file between android phone and computer wifi

  • After you click a new tab will open and that is the main interface to transfer files. Here you have a QR code that you will scan from your android phone after sometime.
airdroid transfer files from android phone to computer

Now move to your Android phone/tablet (Do not close browser tab) and connect it with the same wifi that you're using on computer. Download and install Airdroid app from Google Play. After you install Airdroid app open it and you'll see the screen like below -
airdroid scan the qr code

  • Now tap to QR code highlighted above and scan the QR code that you've in browser tab. As you scan the code, You are all done! You've now access to your android device from your linux machine.

  • Now to transfer files from phone to computer, click on the file and it will open the phone memory, there you also have SD card. Browse into the folders and select the files or folders that you want to transfer and click download. All files you selected will start downloading to computer. 

  • To transfer files or folder from computer to phone, click on upload and select files/folders and click on upload. All the files will be uploaded to your phone.

Beside of transferring files you have so many interesting features. You can make calls from your computer, listen to music, play video and even you can capture photos from the phone camera. Use every function and it is very nice and faster. 

BackBox 4.1 Ubuntu Based Distro Released, Available To Download And Install

backbox 4.1 released to download and install

BackBox is a free Linux Operating System based on the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu. BackBox provides penetration testing, incident responce, computer forensics and intelligence gathering tools. The latest Release 4.1 includes many interesting changes.
BackBox is an Open Source and free project and the release includes features such as Linux Kernel 3.13, EFI mode, Anonymous mode, LVM + Disk encryption installer, privacy  additions and armhf Debian packages. The distribution also includes large number of applications in the repository including LibreOffice office suit and many more.
What's new
  • Preinstalled Linux Kernel 3.13
  • New Ubuntu 14.04.1 base
  • Installer with LVM and Full Disk Encryption options
  • Handy Thunar custom actions
  • RAM wipe at shutdown/reboot
  • System improvements
  • Upstream components
  • Bug corrections
  • Performance boost
  • Improved Anonymous mode
  • Predisposition to ARM architecture (armhf Debian packages)
  • Predisposition to BackBox Cloud platform
  • New and updated hacking tools

The simple Ubuntu like boot screen allows to try BackBox without installing it.

install backbox 4.1
backbox 4.1 linux distribution ubuntu based

Download BackBox 4.1


BackBox 4.1 is available for 32-bit and 63-bit systems. A Live DVD ISO image can be downloaded from the official website. They have set the donation to 5 but if you don't will to donate then set 5 to 0 and click donate. You can also download through torrent clilent by downloading .torrent file. 


LibreOffice 4.4 Released, How To Install/Upgrade In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

libreoffice 4.4 released install in ubunt/linux mint

LibreOffice and open source office suit releasedLibreOffice 4.4 that is said to have the most beautiful changes ever. LibreOffice is a must app that has lots of features that makes office work in Linux easier. Let's see the new features and how we can Install/Upgrade to LibreOffice 4.4 in Ubuntu Vivid  Vervet, Trusty Tahr etc. and Linux Mint Rebecca, Qiana etc.


The new release brings down with OOXML file formats support improvements,source code fixes, a new, designing of PDF  files on exporting and several other changes -
  • Writer: Sidebar enabled by default
  • Writer: Cut, Copy and Paste actions at the top of right-click menu
  • Writer: ‘Paste Special’ now a sub-menu in right-click menu
  • Writer: Infobar to indicate ‘read-only’ mode
  • OpenGL framework improvements
  • Support for connecting to OneDrive directly from LibreOffice
  • ‘Carlito’ and ‘Caladea’ fonts (Windows)
  • New default templates
  • Visual editing of Impress master pages
  • ‘Track Changes’ improvements
  • Improved import filters for a wider range of file formats from other software
  • Expanded support for media capabilities on each platform

To Take a deeper look at the new features, visit the official website.


libreoffice 4.4 install ubuntu/linux mint


How to Install/Upgrade LibreOffice in Ubuntu/Linux Mint


First of all remove/Uninstall any LibreOffice previous version, If you have. If you install latest version without uninstalling the previous version, then there will be two versions of LibreOffice in your computer, the previous one and the latest one.

To Uninstall previous version of LibreOffice, open terminal and type the following command -


$ sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*


  • Once uninstallation is finished, visit LibreOffice website and select the 32-bit or 64-bit (check from system setting your OS architecture) package(.tar.gz). 


download libreoffice 4.4 linux mint/ubuntu


  • Once you have downloaded package (.tar.gz), extract it and open terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and move to the extracted folder.


$ cd Downloads/LibreOffice_4.4.0.3_Linux_x86_64_deb/DEBS


  • Now install all .deb files by typing command -


$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb


And here you have done! After installation has completed open Dash or start menu (Linux Mint) and find LibreOffice 4.4 to enjoy latest features.

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A Shell Primer: Master Your Linux Shell Environment

On a Linux or Unix-like systems each user and process runs in a specific environment. An environment includes variables, settings, aliases, functions and more. Following is a very brief introduction to some useful shell environment commands, including examples of how to use each command and setup your own environment to increase productivity in the command prompt.



How To Patch and Protect Linux Server Against the Glibc GHOST Vulnerability # CVE-2015-0235

A very serious security problem has been found and patched in the GNU C Library called Glibc. It was announced on 27th January 2015. This tutorial explains how to patch Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora Linux servers and validate that Linux system no longer vulnerable after patch.

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Setup TwoNode RDO Juno ML2&OVS&VXLAN Cluster runnig Docker HyperV on Controller and KVM on Compute

As a final result of performing configuration bellow Juno dashboard will automatically  spawn,launch  and run Nova-Dockers containers on Controller and usual nova instances supposed to run on KVM Hypervisor (Libvirt driver) on Compute Node.

Complete article may be viewed here


Installing the Subrack of OSN 3500

Before install subracks in the cabinet, you may read the following instruction to learn how to install Huawei OSN 3500 subrack into the cabinet correctly.

Installation of Huawei transmission network equipments is very essential. Here express how to install into the cabinet and remove the subrack, follow the procedure of installation into cabinet in the reverse order.

First, you must observe the subrack and ensure that installing position of the mounting ears to match the cabinet, so the Huawei OSN 3500 subrack can be installed into the cabinet by mounting ears which are installed in the holes for the mounting ears of the N63E cabinet. Please note that you must install the subrack in the lower part of the cabinet first, and then install the subrack in the upper part of the cabinet. If only one subrack is required, you may install it in the lower part of the cabinet. In addition, figure 20-3 shows the position of the subrack in the 2200mm-high cabinet.

After guaranteed the position of subrack, then we can install the subrack into the cabinet.

First of all, the subrack must be transported to the site. Secondly, what tools and materials you need to prepare are common tools and panel srews.

Thirdly, installation procedure:

Step 1 Place the subrack along the guide rail and insert it in slowly.

Step 2 Use panel screws to fix the subrack to the front column of the cabinet through the holes on the mounting ears.

Here please note, if multiple subracks share one cabinet, it is recommended that you install the lower subrack before installing the upper subrack.

After finishing the Huawei OSN subrack installation, you may check the following several necessary items. First, you must check that whether the subrack is installed at the correct position, that’ll affect the following installation. Secondly, close the front door of the cabinet and ensure that the subrack does not contact the front door. Thirdly, blank panels are inserted in the idle slots of the subrack.

After checked the installation of subrack, then, you can begin to install boards. 


CD Audio Grabbers

CD audio grabbers are designed to extract ("rip") the raw digital audio (in a format commonly called CDDA) from a compact disc to a file or other output. This type of software enables a user to encode the digital audio into a variety of formats, and download and upload disc info from freedb, an internet compact disc database.

Is copying CDs legal? Under US copyright law, converting an original CD to digital files for personal use has been cited as qualifying as 'fair use'. However, US copyright law does not explicitly allow or forbid making copies of a personally-owned audio CD, and case law has not yet established what specific scenarios are permitted as fair use. The copyright position is much clearer in the UK. From 2014 it become legal for UK citizens to make copies of CDs, MP3s, DVD, Blu-rays and e-books. This only applies if the individual owns the physical media being ripped, and the copy is made only for their own private use. For other countries in the European Union, member nations can allow a private copy exception too.

<A HREF="">Full article</A>


Wine 1.7.35 Released, How To Install On Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

install wine on ubuntu, debian and linux mint

Wine is an Open Source, command line and very popular software that allows users to install and run Microsoft Windows applications and games on Linux. It is easy to install and does not take much time. 
You can install on Ubuntu 15.04 vivid Vervet, ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr (LTS), Debian and Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca, Linux Mint 17 Qiana via PPA.

Yesterday Wine 1.7.35 was announcedWine 1.7.35 includes the following new features -

  • Beginnings of support for OpenGL core contexts.
  • Initial support for glyph placement in DirectWrite.
  • Some more WBEM objects.
  • Various bug fixes.

Wine 1.7.35 has total 56 bug fixes. For more detailed information go to Wine announcement page.

Install Wine 1.7.35 in Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

The official ppa is available to install Wine. Add the ppa and update the local repository, then install Wine.
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install -y wine1.7

After installation is completed, you can run Microsoft Windows based software in your Linux distribution.

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