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2011 Tshirt Design Content Finalists

The 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt Design Contest finalists are below. Thank you to all of the designers who submitted their art and to the community for sharing these images with their friends online.

Our judging panel is hard at work determining which design is best suited for our 20th Anniversary of Linux Celebration at LinuxCon. The winner should be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

The latest information on the contest can be found on Jennifer Cloer's blog.


Title: The Flying Penguin

Submitted by Kim Blanche
"After twenty years of hard work, this penguin has managed to take off. Tux is now sailing smoothly above the competition into a very bright future."

A penguin holding onto a baloon

Title: Forward

By Julio Carrillo
"Inspired by the performance of Linux in time.Circuits represent the world wide interconnection of developers while all the other elements and their composition communicate the importance of accessibility. The standing penguin symbolizes the actual impact of the OS while he is looking ahead to the future in terms of innovation and success."

A penguin surrounded by circuits and arrows

Title: PictoPengo

By Christian Bajsic
"Some pictogram like design!"

A simple, sylish penguin head icon

Title: 20 Years

By Zsolt Kovacs
"A modern representation of linux's 20 year history envisioning the future."

Stylized text saying 20 years of linux

Title: Linux. Everywhere.

By George Boukeas
"Look under the hood. Chances are you 'll find the penguin there. He 's been everywhere!"

A silhouette of a penguin with images and text representing the various ways that Linux can be used

Title: Just for Fun

By Gayathri Swaminathan
"This is not an original design but I was captivated by the last slide in the video commemorating 20 years of Linux. Think the above two images reflect the essence of all our tux spirit!"

Some imagery from the video put onto the shirt



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