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Good or bad experiences developing apps lately? What are you learning about the dev process?

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I myself just started setting up a development environment for Android. This will be a great place to share the knowledge. Thanks Jennifer.

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I have been playing with android development on and off over the past several month, I still consider java awkward so nothing has been completed or submitted. But now that we have this section I have a place to go for help or to voice my java frustrations, so thank you very much for adding this section.

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As you may know I've received a Nexus One device in April, I've installed the complete toolchain and adapted my eclipse environment to the Google SDK during the collaboration summit days. After the common "hello world" program I've had a lot of troubles dealing with tons of different java objects / classes in the early days due to my lack of knowledge.
Now after 7-8 months spent on it I'm quite happy of the environment, personal knowledge and java basic classes.
You need to understand deeply their java classes, you can solve the same problem using different classes and use different solutions.
The key point of Android OS is basically the developing environment from my point of view. You can literally redesign the user interface by subclassing Google basic classes, redesign the home menu, items, telephone app, contacts and so on.

You need to understand their structure and APIs and when you design an embedded app for your phone/pda/... application performances and speed are really impressive (even if Snapdragon CPUs are crunching beasts compared to others...), you can design your app with an embedded browser, map, high level objects and so on. It takes a while to learn everything but when you've read few books and understand basic concepts (from forums for example) it's easy to develop for it.
Now I've some experience on the OS and the Java environment, I'm really happy to discuss some advanced topics with you if possible, even write articles or blogs if this is an interesting topic


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It's nice to see that you've chosen Eclipse with the Android plugin, that's how I've decided to set up development. I've had to put the set up on hold, unless I find a separate computer to run it on. Seems like a fix made to the Fedora Eclipse requires an update to a version of OpenJDK that borks some financial software I use. Hopefully they'll fix OpenJDK soon and I can join the fun.

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I use Eclipse for everything I've related to development (C++, Java, C with AVR GCC, Python, Php, JS, ...) so my opinion could may be a little bit influenced from the experience.
Google suggest you to use Eclipse and most of their documentation is related to it.

I personally don't install Eclipse from distribution repository (rpm -ivh ... Fedora, apt-get install ... debian, emerge ... gentoo) 'cause Eclipse is a "different beast" and has its own updates, even on heavily updated distro (Fedora or Ubuntu for example) you don't have the same features or updates from original Eclipse repository. So I've always installed Eclipse on its own from their website.

Never had a trouble with an underlying JVM but I personally don't use Fedora; mainly Gentoo, Slack, Debian and Ubuntu.

I'm glad to find someone else using droid tools from this site, I'll look forward for exchanging experiences on it.


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