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Goineasy9 wrote:

I started this thread hoping to see what folks are doing in their spare time (wasted time?). I have just found "Angry Birds Seasonal", it's been a few hours now. I'm regressing to my early Atari days, although I may get frustrated, I can't get past the fourth level of the Halloween adventure. Luckily, one is only given the ability to go through one level a day in the December sequence, I've already got through day one. I guess I'm going to have to plan my time LOL. I'm also wondering if the battery charging will be totally charged by the time I use up the one I'm playing with. Heh....I needed a break.

Anyone else have some amusing apps/games they'd like to share?------

I am playing Unblock me all game on my andriod phone, one of the good puzzle game I like.

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