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Does anyone really need to root Android?

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I know its success isn't because its modifiable, it's just nice that it is. It would be nicer if one didn't get penalized for modifying it.

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Lman wrote:

No I'm not saying I disagree by any means. In fact I help alot of my friends in their rooting expeditions lol. But I am just saying that if I get a really nice phone that I can't afford to replace, I'm probably not gonna root it. Now if it was a tablet or something that I didn't rely on as my main source of communication, I would most likely root it, as long as honeycomb is compatible.

I'm loving more and more my N900...

Meego, Ubuntu, Android and Maemo on the same device...mmm AWESOME :D

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A coworker of mine rooted his phone because of its poor performance prior to rooting; now, his phone's battery lasts longer and performs more smoothly.

I've recently rooted my phone, partly as an intellectual curiosity and partly as a way to circumnavigate having to use Google's built in tools. (I'm disconcerted about recent and upcoming "features" from said company.)

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