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I don t have any android phone .but I want to know more about it and it is my plan to buy a sumsung gt 19000 galaxy s.

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I asked about the phone because generally you can do a search on google to find when the manufacturer plans to issue the over the air updates, in general motorola updates a couple months after the official google phones and htc takes a while longer, due to the fact that samsung has very few android phones they should have an update schedule comparable to motorola.

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As some of you I've an unlocked (not rooted) Nexus One and I'm pretty happy about Operating System quality, no frills no bloatware inside the phone and OTA update when the new firmware is ready.
Never had a problem with official image, obviously if you wanna have something more, or you like to overclock it, or do some fine tunings you can do it, you'll break your warranty but you already know it.
I'm satisfied with current Froyo release, no need for Gingerbread yet.

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I think you don't have to upgrade your Android smartphone
Upcoming Verizon Phones
New T-Mobile Coming Soon

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