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I been checking out cloud OS.

G.HO.ST really caught my eye.

Check it out

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Their services seem interesting, but I really want to know about the comparability, app catalog, response time and client side security. If you end up signing up for this service please report back with some of the information that I am questioning.

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Hosted Applications and Services

Ghost Includes a growing list of leading free Web software apps & services
Communications apps : Meebo multi-protocol instant messenger
Entertainment apps: MP3 player, Internet radios & Pandora
Office suite (for® Drive files): Zoho and ThinkFree
External office suites (with their own storage): Google Docs
Photo editing: Snipshot
Search external data sources; drag-and-drop "Things" to your desktop from:
Yahoo! Shopping
Games: from Miniclip and many more
Widgets: RSS news reader, Clock, Weather, Calculator, MP3 player, and more
Add your own: Add your own app using a URL in Tagged Things/New/Web Apps

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Data Security has chosen a best-of-class secure professional data center for your precious data - namely Amazon Web Services (AWS) from According to, Amazon's AWS file storage (S3) was built to the same service level standards that Amazon requires for its own web sites, with a targeted 99.99% availability, and storage of each piece of data on multiple servers in multiple Amazon data centers so that data will never be lost.

Your files on your home PC or in the office are subject to disk crashes (which might occur in-between periodic backups), theft of the computer, viruses and spy-ware. Your files on are actually much more secure with immediate backup to multiple locations, 24 hour professional monitoring and physical and data security by staff. also includes several features to protect your privacy including encrypting all passwords and some other sensitive data using a VeriSign Certificate and minimizing caching of private data.
Ghost is the most stable of the web desktops I have used. The Global Hosted Operating SysTem offers a fairly usable desktop using Amazons W3 service for file storage
Dustin M. Wax

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BTW - I checked out your blog, and, while it's still fairly new, I found some interesting things on it. Bookmarked. I still have my doubts about using the cloud ... but I'm listening.

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I am not looking for the sales pitch from the site, but information about how the user sees the information. It seems interesting use an OS based on a cloud server, just I would never need that any many people including companies may question the need. But the concept is interesting.

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