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Webinar: 3 Steps To Scale Your KVM and Xen Deployment

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Thu, Aug 7, 2014 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT
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Increasing numbers of corporate IT and service provider organizations are deploying open source KVM and Xen. Despite this adoption, there are few concrete examples of large scale, mission critical deployments of open source virtualization. The biggest obstacle we see is a lack of scalable management tools and processes. In this webinar, we will demonstrate three key steps to implement a scalable management approach that will allow you to manage thousands of hosts and virtual machines. Specifically:

1. Centralize and Automate Your Management – move to a single point of visibility and control, allowing you to provision, configure, administer, monitor, and automate your entire virtualized infrastructure from a centralized, web-based console.

2. Ensure Business Continuity – create a resilient virtualization infrastructure that provides enterprise-class reliability and load balancing via policy-based failover, backup, and workload management.

3. Enable Self Service Management – delegate quota-managed compute resources to your virtualization users and business customers, allowing them to provision and manage their environments via a web-based self-service console.

Join us and learn how to transform your open source hypervisors into a scalable, mission critical virtualization infrastructure!
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