mount command in Ubuntu

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I wanna mount my volumes in bash, since there's been some challenge with my Ubuntu GUI. I struggled with the "mount" command also it's man page, but I didn't succeed in the end.

my volume is /dev/sda10, with name "tmp_ext4". Would you please tell me bash command to do this? And then how to UNmount?

Thank you!

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sudo mount -t auto /dev/sda10  /path/to/mount/point

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thanks marc, it works. Looks like I've gotta study the role of mtab and fstab in a deeper way, since I wasn't using the "-a".
Thanks anyway ;-)

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To unmount,
umount /dev/sda10
as root user

you can make that mount entry in fstab, to mount automatically whenever you boot the distro

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thank you very much! :-)

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oops! When I execute:

sudo mount /dev/sda10 /media/tmp_ext4

I get:
mount: mount point /media/tmp_ext4 does not exist

No matter what other parameters I use besides (-t, auto, ...), I always get this same message. What should I do?

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