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what's a good 'language' to learn for scripting?

Link to this post 10 Jul 11

I found some more links that may be useful if you looking for documentation or tutorials:

Collection of tutorials in JavaScript, PHP etc:

Link to this post 11 Jul 11

Start with BASH, then move to python

Link to this post 11 Jul 11

dwclarke wrote:

Can recommend these for learning Bash:

ARGGG that's so full of mistakes!!!

Better check:

Link to this post 31 Dec 11

Learn PHP in 1 week, then also BASH.

PHP gives you extreme ease of use, than any other scripting language.

Although I come from core systems network protocol development background (that is C/C++), still recently after learning PHP, for all user-space app. extensions + other automations, I use PHP. I code bash scripts within PHP. So that is my suggestion.

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