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An ASCII train for when people confuse sl with ls

Link to this post 23 Aug 12

Ever wanted to play a practical joke on a multi-user server? How about an ASCII train every time people typo ls with ls? I made a video that shows you how to this this rolling and how it looks, I know it is in spanish but there is not much to translate.

Here is the youtube link

Link to this post 24 Aug 12

Thanks for bringing some humor to the unix world, I will check it out and use it on my son since I am teaching him Linux administration now.

Link to this post 24 Aug 12

I know this for a very long time. But, I did not think to share. :(
like this , cowsay and fortune are there.

Link to this post 29 Aug 12

sl is on my list of apps to put on any new install. Every once in a while, I get a treat.

Link to this post 12 Oct 12

we should seriously have a way to mark comments as spam. Any way I can report the user buypencil ?

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