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Cannot run program off usbflash on Ubuntu 10.10

Link to this post 18 Jan 11

I've never encountered this on any distro before. Ubuntu does not let me run a program off a usbflash drive. For example when I try:


it gives:

bash: ./HelloWorld: Permission denied

and when I try:

sudo ./HelloWorld

it gives:

sudo: ./HelloWorld: command not found

so I try:

sudo chmod 777 HelloWorld

but it shows the permissions as:


The usbflash is formatted as vfat. Is there any execute the progam off the usbflash without having to copy the program to every hard drive and change permissions there then delete it?

Link to this post 18 Jan 11

It appears that devicekit has set the default permissions for vfat partitions to be non-executable, I recommend addint an entry for the specific device in fstab with your chosen permissions or using the devicekit application to change the permissions of the partition when you choose to use it. You can find instruction for modifying deviekit at and instructions for setting fstab at

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