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Good watchdog for services?

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Khabi wrote:

I'm kindof interested in what kind of apps you are running that need to be constantly restarted? I've done the same type of thing to restart dead services as a 'quick fix', but I would think the best course is to fix whatever is causing the application to restart. :)

The services that die are mostly Novells little gems. Groupwise and some Novell Open Enterprise services has funny little bugs that doesnt seem to be on any priority lists. I havent had any open source services die on me ever that i couldnt fix myself.

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ah Novell, I should have guessed :)

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I mostly use Webmins "System and Server Status" on those systems where I have it available. As a plus, it also send customizabloe Mails when a critical service ist down.

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For keeping tabs on all the various servers i manage i use Zenoss. Its a pretty slick tool for a busy admin.

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If you are writing to /var/log/messages, it would be "cleaner" to use logger.

If the service to be restarted supports the "status" function, I have found that using it (and grepping its output), instead of using ps+grep leads to fewer false positives. It also respects the logic that the application has for determining whether or not it is running. of course, the app could be retarded. in this case, i usually use pidof, instead of ps, since, for me, ps also leads to more false positives.

If you do not want to rely on cron, you can always stick an entry in inittab, but that is probably overkill.

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