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help on regular expression

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I want to extract some URLs of a txt file with grep --only-matching and regular expression.

I know only some info about the URL, but I definitely know by what it is enclosed.

so I use grep -o AA.*BB myfile.txt

But this gives my whole expression (i.e. AA"$URL"BB), but I only want the URL i.e. what is enclosed by AA and BB, how do I do that?


Link to this post 12 May 13

sed 's/AA\(.*\)BB/\1/g' myfile.txt

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Mfillpot, some help please

Link to this post 16 May 13

Rather than reposting data that is already on the net, I recommend checking out some of the posts at

In addition you may be able to find some other scripts that can help at

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