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Linux swapping over NFS

Link to this post 27 Nov 10

Hi All,

What is the current scenario in Linux Kernel for swapping over NFS?
I read on internet for swapping over NFS kernel require following support:

a) Swapping via network sockets.

b)Swapping via NFS.

But I am not able to found this on latest kernel. Can any one help me?


Link to this post 03 Dec 10

Swapping over network == A REALLY BAD IDEA!

I imagine you can create and enable a swap file on a network mount, but let me count the ways this is truly an awful idea:

1. If the connection or a packet is lost, your system is toast.
2. The load on the network could result in catastrophic failure of more than just the system in question.
3. This is a REALLY good vector for malware to attack your system in ways you can NEVER detect.

Disc space is cheap - buy a separate drive to put your swap files/partitions on if you need to minimize I/O on your system discs.

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