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Make a live cd (iso) with current installation.

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How do i make a live cd (iso) using livecd-tools (orother program) with all new installations and files.
Im using Fedora 16.

Link to this post 14 Feb 12

The Autoplus utility, that is made by one of the Fedora forum administrators has an experimental feature called "Respin Backup" that is being debugged right now. When it's finished it will create an installable livedvd backup of your current system. See this thread in the Fedora Forums:
Go to the last pages and work backwards, as there is discussion going on at present by those testing it out.

The other way is documented in the Fedora wiki, which is a bit complicated, but, if you're up to it, have fun. Link here:

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Is there a way to manually create a boobable ISO within a running fedora system. Thus identically copying the operating exactly. My goal is to make my coustum fedora system avalible to other people.

Thanks Thread creator,

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Goineasy's link to the fedora wiki describes a fairly easy way to build your own fedora based live-cd with livecd-creator. It wont take everything you have currently installed and requires upfront work but it would accomplish the same thing.

Also I think they have made some progress with Autoplus since the creation of this thread so if you did/didn't check it out then please go do so again, might be what you're looking for.


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