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I've really decided to learn how does MAKE command work. However I know what it does and I know how to use it, but I've never been successful in compiling a package with it.

I'm asking my question since I know MAKE is extremely useful in Linux.

I've downloaded Apache Web Server package and have tried to compile it, but MAKE wants a makefile file. Where can I find it? The best solution is to rename to makefile and use it for make file, but MAKE command returns this error:

makefile:50: *** missing separator. Stop.

Any ideas? I really need to install apache by myself. and of course before installation comes compilation.

ThanX so much! ;-)

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make is not working for you because you have not yet built the configuration file by calling "./configure".

Read for the compile and install instructions.

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I forgot to say, I've already done that. What I'm talking is happening after ./configure configuration is done too.

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Then I am leaving towards a problem with the script in the source package. Can you please provide a link to the source file you are using and provide the command that you have run prior to make so I can replicate your actions?

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are you sure you successfully configured the package? re-run ./configure and then run make, and then copy and paste the output of the entire process into the forum. I suspect that the make file was never written because the configuration process failed along the way somewhere.

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Sorry, I had not paid attention to the tiny error message that ./configure had generated. I didn't know its supposed to generate pages of text in terminal.

I found the stupid thing I had done: I had extracted the package in an NTFS drive (which I'm not sure if matters), and worse, I had put it in a folder called "LINUX DOWNLOADS", with that space in the middle.

I moved the package to /tmp/ and did all the things there again, and I successfully compiled and installed the apache server.

Thanks so much for your helps. :)

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