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mp3blaster in Slackware terminal

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Hai all,
am using slackware and recently got mp3blaster. When I am in multi user mode, how can I put mp3blaster to background by playing songs and continue with coding work ?

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Control+Z and then "bg" should work (haven't tested it though)

Anyway I suggest you to use MPD instead


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i like to use screen for this type of stuff:

screen -S myScreen

This will launch the screen program in your same terminal, using whatever label you want ( "myScreen" ). Then at the prompt, launch your app as normal, e.g.:

then you can detech from the screen and return to your original terminal by pressing [CTRL]+[A], then [D]

To re-attach to it, run a command to list your currently running screens:

screen -ls

and look for the output that has your label in it ( "myScreen" ), it will look something like:

10046.myScreen (Detached)

Then reattach to it like this:
screen -r 10046

Also, I've never used mp3blaster, but can you start it up in the background the old-school way, with an ampersand?

mp3blaster &

Link to this post 20 May 11

If you only use one screen you can use

screen -raAd

To reatach as well.

mp3blaster &

Will have the same problem as he already is having ;)

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I have tested mp3blaster on slackware, running the app in the background stops the song. It looks like the best approach will be to use screen, then reattaching to you screen session to resume control.

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sure. I will give a try with MPD. thanks

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