privoxy trouble

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I have recently installed privoxy. When I try to run it I get this error:

$ /usr/local/sbin/privoxy
Aug 10 00:47:59.955 Privoxy(b7efa6c0) Info: Privoxy version 3.0.8
Aug 10 00:47:59.955 Privoxy(b7efa6c0) Info: Program name: /usr/local/sbin/privoxy
Aug 10 00:47:59.967 Privoxy(b7efa6c0) Info: No logfile configured. Please enable it before reporting any problems.

I do not know how to enable the logfile. By default, there is no logfile in the directory /var/log/privoxy, where the config file says the the logs will be stored. Creating a blank file, "logfile," does not work.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Have you check that the user under which privoxy is running has permissions to write to /var/log/privoxy?

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you may also have to simply "touch" the file in /var/log. I've had that happen w/ other applications. you can either "cp /dev/null /var/log/privoxy" or "touch /var/log/privoxy" to create an empty file.

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you must enter the logdir in your config "logdir /var/log/privoxy"

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