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Problem with ctags in putty( using vim editor)

Link to this post 19 Aug 10

Hi all

When I use linux on cent os / fedora , i was able to use ctags -R to get the list of occurrence of tags . I am able to select the tags by entering the tag number also.

But when I use putty and use ctags -R in that, it displays only one occurrence even though i used -R option .

How to get the list of tags in putty by using ctags ?? I am using vim editor.

Please help me out

Thanks in advance


Link to this post 19 Aug 10

Hi all

got a solution for this, as follows. Better solutions are welcome always :cheer:

-> Give command ctags -R in the directory which has 'n' number of files,. It will create a tag file with all recurrent occurrence of the sub-routines in the directory.

->Go to any file, place the cursor over any sub-routine, which we r trying to tag, and type ctrl+ ] . It leads you to the occurrence of the subroutine.

->After giving this, if u have to find multiple occurrence of the same subroutine, type esc + : tn or esc + : tnext . It will go to the next occurrence.

This I have tried in putty. But when we use vim editor with other distributors like Cent Os / Fedora , it displays the list of tags when we give ctrl + ] itself. We have a chance to select one among this by giving serial number.

You can come back to the start point by giving ctrl +T .


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