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Running multiple cron jobs

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i want to run multiple cron jobs. i defined the first one in the crontab -e which runs after every 5 mins

then i again define the second cronjob is the crontab -e file, but it didnt run.

Please tell me if i am doing it in the wrong way.



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There should be no issues with having multiple entries in the crontab file, there may be something wrong with the crontab entry or the script/program it is running. Can you share the contents of your crontab file here so we can review the parameters?

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i have defined two cron jobs in the crontab file using crontab -e

first one will run after every 5 minutes and second one will run after every hour. The script script is different for both but in both script they are redirecting the output in a same file which is name cronoutput.

*/5 * * * * /home/usman/Downloads/5mincron

* */1 * * * /home/usman/Downloads/hourcron

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all right just checked the log actually have wrong permission on the file so done chmod and it worked..

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