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use command line to chat

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hi all, i am wondering if its possible to comminucate with friends in command line. something like messenger in comand line.
many thanks

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There are CLI based IRC, IM, and web-browsers that you can use to communicate with friends.

By the command line tools are a bit more protocol specific than the GUI tools, if you can tell use what IM service you want to you we can point you to a Linux based CLI IM client for the protocol.

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You can always use the "write" command if your friends are logged on the same system.

Anyway, I belive you are talking about a cli IM as

There's plenty of them, just check the internet (maybe you'd like the pidgin cli version...)

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Hi, there is also a program called centericq . It uses a ncurses gui and understands more than just ICQ.

Best wishes,


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I've used centerim(centericq), cabber, bsflite, irssi, and naim. All were good programs.

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