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My server runs Ubuntu (not that it's too relevant) and I wanted to make a backup of my files. My computer runs Windows (I do have winrar installed) so I wanted to make a zip archive. So I installed zip told it to add all the files inside my web home folder to a zip archive, so it did. But when it got done I got the following message:

Zip warning: Not all files where readable. Files/entries read: 12399 (1.7G bytes) skipped: 10 (1.2K bytes)

Does that mean that those ten files were not added to the archive or that they weren't compressed? Now that I think about it, I'm guessing that they just weren't compressed, but I already deleted the file because at the time I was thinking that those files weren't included.

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If the selected user cannot read the file then the user cannot them to an archive. You will need to correct the file rights or archive the files using a user with permissions to all of the files.

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