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Apache: Attempting to Jump On IT

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I've just signed my second college minor, in this case for the field of IT. I am very interested in learning Apache and setting up a small web server to host my professional website I'm developing. I've encountered the excellent resource Linux System Administration from O'Reilly but I cannot seem to find a highly rated text on learning Apache. Can anyone here recommend one to me?

Link to this post 26 May 11

You can checkout the apache cookbook ( it is highly rated and appears to have some good information for using an apache webserver.

Link to this post 26 May 11

The apache documentation is a very good option. It usually gives many examples and is very detailed :)

Although be advised: it's loooooooooong

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Apache website is a good starting point as Marc suggested but it tends to be a little bit dispersive if you don't know what you're looking for. If you're looking for a book and something more "structured" then Apache Cookbook is a good option, I also need to mention "Apache: the definitive guide", still from O'Reilly, this is my favorite one, I guess you may find it in your local retail store or on Amazon.

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