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package that contains vmwgfx in experimental

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I would like to use the vmwgfx driver from xorg. I've already compiled a kernel with vmwgfx support but xorg server can't find the module vmwgfx. My 'sources.lst' contains unstable and experimental repositories. My xorg.conf contains in the device section the following line:

Driver "vmwgfx"

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Did you install the driver in the new kernel or compile it as a module? If it was compiled as a module you may have to use modprobe to activate it.

Link to this post 05 Dec 10

The Problem is with xorg I don't have /usr/lib/dri/ and /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ I loaded the kernel module with `modconf`. I'm sorry I have forgotten to write "but xorg cant find module vmwgfx" in the first post.

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have you updated the slocate with the "updatedb" command and run the command "locate vmwgfx|grep so" to see what files are installed on your system?

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