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Pairing HTC Wildfire ("Bee") with Squeeze

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I've been having some difficulty pairing my new Android-based smartphone with my Debian system. Has anyone here had an success with pairing their Android smartphone with their Debian system for sharing files?

I'm using an HTC Wildfire ("Bee") running kernel v2.0.1

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The file sharing should be pretty seamless. With my Nexus One it immediately is detected as a usb filesystem.

Have you checked dmesg after plugging the phone in to see what usb drivers are being used or if it is even being detected?

Link to this post 05 Jul 11

Do you have usb debugging enabled? I have it under Settings-->Applications-->Developement-->USB Debugging. Without it enabled computer won't see usb connection.

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My Nexus is detected as a common USB storage device and I can simply connect and see its content from my Gnome desktop but when I develop apps with Eclipse I always turn on/off the setting explained before (Goineasy9) for debugging/deplyoing apps and so on

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