Why do you love Debian?

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Debian's my OS because It's solid as a rock and never ever cracks. I know Ubuntu might be easier and tons of OS's have repositories that are a little better maintained.

....Nexuiz is still using the Quake mod in Debian... -_-;;;

BUT! I can get around that. I like knowing my OS is harder than Arnold's Schwarzenegger's chest.

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Free, safe, quick.

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Look in my sig. :)

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It's rock solid and stable :cheer:

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because it is the mother of my Wife Ubuntu.


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it's stable unless you allow kernel updates and that craps-out your wireless.
but nothing that a good deal of searching the internet and advice from good ppl at another forum couldn't fix.
after a couple of days. :P

not to mention the learning curve on the way in with wireless. :P
thank goodness for wicd.

however, with so much invested in it, i've grown fond of it, and hence it stays on the laptop. ;) :)

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