Why do you love Debian?

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lol, damn comparing an os to his chest? it's probably soft and soggy by now :P

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nulld0g wrote:

Free, safe, quick.

Right, but I'm using modern linux distributions. I used debian but he has long booting and it's disadvantage.

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Well... Debian is my Favorite Linux Dist. Why?

Becouse it's very stable. IT DOES not have GUI options for everything wichs i personaly love, gotta do more by urself ;)
However Debian is more newcommer-friendly now then it was back at 'sarge' oh well.

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Haven't used it a whole lot yet, as I am new to Debian, and Linux in general, but I like how everything appears to be right there at my finger tips if I want to manipulate things. It seemed like in Ubuntu and Fedora, I had to go through just one or two more steps to manipulate things the way I wanted them to be.

Call me a control freak i guess :P I like to be able to have complete control over my system...

Maybe that's because I have almost no control over my life ;)

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Stable + Huge repository :)

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Very stable distribution, with no problems ever.
bright@merlin:~$ uptime
17:48:30 up 28 days, 21:13, 7 users, load averages: 1.48, 1.45, 1.59

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