Why do you love Debian?

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Stability, simplicity and just plain addictive !

So many deriviatives of Debian just prove how good it really ism plus I can run it on my refrigerator if i want.

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O Debian é, de fato, um sistema operacional. Completo, fácil e super maneiro de usar.

De fácil instalação - quando a fazemos pela 'instalação gráfica automática', já particiona o disco virtual certinho, põe tudo no devido lugar, acessa a internet super bem, diretão :)

Uma dúvida: na minha instalação doméstica de ontem, o comando sudo visudo (pra editar meu nome nele como sudoer) não funcionou...
por que ser√°?

Estou encantada com o Debian, mas fiquei bolada com isso... será que preciso mesmo do 'sudo' em instalação doméstica, sem proxy, pra instalar o que eu baixar da internet?

Vlw, abrowsers! ;)

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Rock solid, damn easy to setup. If you just need few apps and no fancy strings (server) you'll have something good. Easy upgrade process will do the rest

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Really easy and stable distro that allows me to do what i want to do. Been around for a long time...

For example... I only needed to add 4 lines in interfaces to get my wireless up and running...

And its GNU and not just "Linux" :P

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Debian is a synonym for stability! I like it because i don't worry about freeze or problem appearance after an update (which happens in other distros...), has many-many applications to choose and work with for all interesting categories and respects freedom:)
Although is perfect for a production environment for several kind of servers, Debian handles very well the desktop environment situation. I think it's more friendly than some users think. And of course don't forget that if it weren't for Debian, many distros would not exist...

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I'm able to install a working development environment on an offline pc, just using the distribution disks (everything was cool with etch... well, until the eclipse package for Lenny failed ... hope that gets fixed soon), still downloading a few deb packages / tarballs elsewhere, doesn't hurt.

And god bless backports to keep things more current.

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