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Alterantive Dropbox Application

Link to this post 03 Sep 12

I was wondering if anyone had seen an alternative to using the official dropbox application. I know their API is published but I have not seen one. Can't really switch to something else as me and a bunch of friends have a folder we all share for laughs. Thanks for anything you guys and gals say.

Link to this post 06 Sep 12

I was able to locate kdropbox at, however the official website is currently having problems so I do not know if it is being updated.

Link to this post 06 Sep 12

Why thank you for a point in the right direction. Will see if its in my repo.

Link to this post 12 Sep 12

I looked at kdropbox myself, since I have a dropbox account that I use on my phone. Thanks for the link Matt. Unfortunately, the last time the rpm's and Deb's were built, they were built for Fedora 12. I'm running Fedora 17, that means the last time those were updated was two and a half years ago. One would have to recompile the code, and I don't have time for that right now. Too bad.

Link to this post 14 Jan

i prefere using dropbox it is so easy and very fast and compatible with mobile device

Link to this post 24 May

dropbox is the best :)

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