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App fonts too big in Ubuntu

Link to this post 24 May 09

I've noticed that some applications I run have huge fonts. I can fix this temporarily by selecting Appearance from the Gnome menus, and changing the DPI for fonts down by 1, then back up by 1 then re-applying, but next time I boot up they're big again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?



Link to this post 27 Jun 09

I had a similar problem in openSUSE and i found that reducing the DPI from 96 to 85 or something would make fonts smaller.
Also, gnome-settings-daemon needs to be running at start for the settings to be applied next time.

Link to this post 07 Aug 09

The quickest way to adjust the fonts is by running:

$ sudo gnome-font-properties

This thread also had an interesting fix by editing a script to set the gtkrc:

Hope that helps a bit :)

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