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Avast! Anti Virus for Linux, kind of cool.

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Yeah i'm really enjoying Ubuntu 12.04 its in beta 2 and running great. It's full release is the 26th of april this month so it's done. The only issue I ran into they already made a patch available on the 10th for(Tomorrow). Very happy =)

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I have used and trusted avast on windows and now on Macs. Since I have been using it, never encountered a virus.

Never needed antivirus for Linux. The only serious threats that I have heard was the shellshock and the heartbleed threat. That does not mean Linux is untouchable. It means it knows how a system can be compromised.

That being said, there is no such thing as too much security. I don't like taking chances. Use what you believe helps. Learn from Linux about how to be a responsible systems operator.

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Having you around will be useful.

If I understand you correctly, there really isn't a reliable virus scanner to detect all possible viruses on a computer. You have mentioned that you have used "Emsisoft and a good rootkit scanner" to test a windows installation. Are they capable of detecting every known threat that can compromise a Windows computer.

Instead you had to manually remove such threats by digging deep into the core of the system and the registry. How did you remove them?

It is sound that just because an AV did not detect a threat, does not mean there isn't one. Does not matter how many AVs you run, you still won't get them all. My question is, are those non-removeable threats really threats?

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Thanks for your expertise Hugenoot. This bit of information is a step in the right direction to helping end-users better understand personal computer security. I have learned a few things my self ;-)

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And there you have it. Any questions?

Try not to use words like "daft, dumb and plain stupid" as these words can have an offensive effect on the readers. "Careless" is less offensive yet stern for importance.

Firefox is also a good secure browser to use. Not as fast of chrome but still solid.

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