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Can/Do ANY Linux companies work with an intel i7 processor?

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I've tried using latest Ubunto s/w, Downloading to CD OK.
BUT then can't load on my PC, W7 64bit , i7 processor.
It says download assistant, tried 3 times but it does nothing, waste of time?
My ? is does any Linux s/w WORK WITH AN i7, When I looked at Debian for examplethey have precise PC specs to download, all old models or only AMD 64bit?
Is there any 1 that will work with my setup please without having to change my system?
Finally why on earth can't Linux be made to suit any system as Windows?

Link to this post 16 Feb

Which version did you download? It is the AMD64 you need.

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You need to download AMD64 version of your favorite choice of Linux (Ubuntu may be a good start but you can also take a look at Kubuntu, Mint, FC, Debian or whatever). Just take an AMD64 CD/DVD iso and boot with it

I'm writing to you from my HP/Compaq 8200 Elite (Intel i7, 16Gb RAM, 2x500Gb HD). Gentoo Linux (AMD64) loaded on it.

Hope it helps

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