Disabling Nepomuk

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The reason why I haven't uninstalled nepomuk is because I cannot find the package. According to aptitude I have nothing installed that has nepomuk in it's name, yet it is there lurking. I can only assume that nepomuk was brought in by some other package in some way.

Another person might not want to uninstall them because he or she occasionally uses KDE4, but that's not my case.

Link to this post 30 May 10

It is good to see that my modification stopped the spawning, but I don't think it would be advisable to completely remote it from the system.

By my research the Nepomuk is part of the following packages (at least in Slackware, but I doubt it is different in other OSs because it is highly integrated.):


Now I am curious about the large memory usage even when the spawning is disabled, can you tell me how much memory you are seeing in use and if it is using. When I reviewed nepomuk in top I only see 13M of resident memory used.

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